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Welcome to The Artist's Zone, a forum for the creative arts - music, art, and writing. We have also expanded into video gaming and streaming, with more plans for the future.

Upcoming Events

  • This event began 01/27/2022 and repeats every month forever

    The reviewing weekend!

    If you aren't sure you are going to remember the date, you can download the event so you will be reminded.

    The dates will be the same every month so just keep in mind the 28th will always be the starting date, and will last three days (for some months, this might end up being the 1st.)

    That should give ample time for stories to be reviewed.

    Reminder of details : 


  • This event began 01/15/2022 and repeats every week on Saturday forever

    Welcome to Six Sentence Saturdays!

    Here, we welcome you to post six sentences from something you're working on, or something you have shared previously. At least once a month we will endeavor to give a word or phrase prompt for you to write six sentences about, and again, this can tie into work you are already doing, and can be for fandom or original work. 


    - Six sentences. No more. No Less. 



  • This event began 01/12/2022 and repeats every week forever

    Welcome to Work In Progress Wednesday's - a place for all of us to share a small segment or screenshot of whatever it is we are working on this week. We'd love to see your work here, and shared on the forum Tumblr!


    - Written entries must be no more than 300 words

    - Art entries must reference any source works 




    Create an individual thread for your work HERE



Our Topics

  • By RipplingLocust
    What do you like to have with your steak?
  • By AquilaTempestas
    As we all know, many quotes in Pokemon can be interpreted in a very sexual manner (like most things really) I dedicate this thread to highlight all the perv moments in Pokemon! Quotes can come from the anime, games and the manga (just state where its from) Go crazy, people! One quote per response because there's crap loads and I'l like everyone to get a fair crack at it.
  • By TheYorkieOfDoom
    The approval template must be used for all role-plays excluding casual ones. This template sells your role-play to members – write what you need to convince members to join your role-play.     Approval Template   Banner Do you have a fancy banner for your role-play   Title Soul's Keep   Author Evie Frye Synopsis For years the western lands of Iris have been peaceful until member of The Order Of The Undead Knights started causing trouble in the city of Soul's Keep. Unchecked because of Soul's K
  • By Shizophrenia
    Well, here I'll share my arts with you. I'm drawing both digital and traditional and... I don't know what to add. x D So, here is my oc (Sherden). I'll try to post one or more pictures per week/2 weeks.  

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