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Ebook or Physical?

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With the growing rise in popularity of e-readers, I want to know if you prefer reading the physical book or the e-book and why?


I've had physical books for years now because I liked how they look on my shelf, but ever since investing in an e-reader, I've come to realize just how awesome they are. It's cost-effective, thin, and holds a lot of books without having to use any room on a bookshelf.


I do still purchase physical books every now and then though, especially if it's a book I really like.


What about you?

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Yep, I'm definitely for the plain book. Even though I like the E-Reader, especially if you plan a longer journey, the normal book gets me more, nothing beats the feelings to hold a freshly purchased book in your hands.


Even if I would own an E-reader myself, I would still buy normal books. They a lot look better to me and as I already said, nothing beats that feeling. ;)

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Despite the space they take up, I'm a huge fan of physical books.  If it's available physically, I will almost always get it that way.  Something about actually having the thing, the pages in my hands... It's what I've always used and still love.  

I definitely have e-books, but I find that it's harder for me to focus and really digest the story on those.

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One thing I like about ebooks is the price - it's so much cheaper and you can get it immediately.

So many book shops in my country are being shut down because they're either too expensive or they're just cheaper to buy digitally.

A university textbook is about 120 dollars here - the ebook version is HALF price. Crazy.

I think it all depends on the book too - I'd like to publish my own books in physical form, but I'm happy to go with digital (unless I'm a diehard fan of the author).

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Coming back to this several years later, and my opinion remains the same.

I'm not too fussed about the format just as long as it is affordable. If it is cheaper on ebook, I'll do that (though I'm not a big fan of reading on a stories on a computer screen because eye strain and all, and I already spent a lot of time looking at a screen).

If I really like a book though, then physical whenever possible.

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I used to be someone who would buy physicals for my fave books but lack of storage sort of prevents that, but then I recently read that the percentage for a paper book versus what the author got for an ebook is less, so now I'll be buying even more ebooks. It also suits me better. It's cheaper (because I have to import everything and books from the UK now come with import tax) and because I read like I'm breathing. So I need easy access to the book, and physical books are unwieldy.

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So, my opinion has changed a bit now that I've started reading more again.

I like history-based stuff in a physical format because I find it much easier to find the information I need when it's all in a nice, logical flow that incoporates the primary sources. I learned through my university years that digital copies suck when it comes to history because there's so much scrolling and flipping back and forth. 

Fiction I prefer hard copy too because it's just easier to read, especially on a long plane flight.

Digitals have their benefits of course, and I'd opt for the digital if it was a university textbook.

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