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The book they force you to read in school

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Just going to mention this one… I am bilingual, and had to read books in Spanish as well as English… One of the books I read was Bodas de Sangre (Blood Wedding)… What was interesting was that my sister was in the same class when she was younger, forced to read the book, and absolutely hated it. And then there was most of the class, who also hated it. Strangely enough, I loved it, due to the description, symbolism, and historic background… I was one of the few that did…

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16 hours ago, Lightningblade49 said:

When I was in primary school our teacher made us read the first harry potter book, I don't actually regret doing so.

High school I remember reading a book called "Holes"...... it was ok.


30 minutes ago, onewiththewheels said:

I read Holes too... Did not like the ambiguity, though...

Are we talking this Holes? I ran a Google search to make sure we were talking about the same book, but I didn't see any other titles that shared the name. Yet ... I'm admittedly a little surprised that they'd assign this book to the teen age group. I know I didn't follow any reading brackets myself since I was tackling adult novels before I hit double digits, but I just thought that highschools would assign their students more challenging books. 

All in all, regarding this one, I actually did like it for the contrasting yet whimsical themes. It was really a pseudo-fairytail paired with harsh realities (if softened for the target audience). The writing itself wasn't stellar, but I didn't expect it since I thought it was written for children. But I don't remember the ambiguity that you two are talking about, if we are indeed on the same page.

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Yes, that's the one. It was given to me sometime in early middle/late elementary school (can't remember which, although I think it was the latter). I just remember reading and being fairly disappointed, since I thoroughly enjoyed his other works, and this one was lacking... Especially because it left a lot of questions unanswered, and a lot of things without conclusions...

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I was in a college prep program all through high school, so we did a ton of reading.

Books that I couldn't stand:

Romeo & Juliet

Silas Marner

Books that I didn't mind:

Old Man & the Sea

The Scarlet Letter

The Importance of Being Ernest

Pygmalion (a play I realize, but I didn't mind it)


Much Ado about Nothing

Of Mice and Men

Books that I enjoyed:


The Empty Land

Red Badge of Courage


And there were others, but I can't seem to recall them all.  They must not have left a lasting impression upon me. 



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So, currently, for English GCSEs, you need to read a Shakespeare play, a 19th Century novel and a Post-1914 novel. However, in KS3 (GCSEs are KS4), you typically cover several books and Shakespeare plays. 

For example, for GCSEs, I have done:

The Merchant of Venice (Shakespeare) 

The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde (19th Century) 

Lord of the Flies (Post-1914)

But, I have also covered these at KS3:


Much Ado About Nothing

The Stories of King Arthur

Richard III (a short version) 

And a few actual books I can't remember. 

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