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Harry Potter

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8 hours ago, Blaguer said:

I've been reading HP fanfiction for sooo long that I've actually forgotten how the original books go :D
Does anyone else have this problem?

Yes! I read this amazing HP fanfiction a few years back. It was a Dramione and it was just so well-written I wondered why it wasn't canon.

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I think the books are better, but the movies make it more epic because of the special effects and soundtrack. Personally, I think Cursed Child is crap; the plot is just confusing, and the characters are poorly fleshed out (except Scorpius). Oh, and also the part where it was made into a play that could only be watched by fans who have the money and time to visit London, even though HP is a global phenomenon. Fantastic Beasts is much better on all fronts. 

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We have a  Harry potter thread...  either this was kept low-key or I'm a stupid idiot ^^`

I loved Harry Potter when I was a child, still do now. I have always preferred movies over books, but the books seems to be great too.

Favorite characters have to be Hagrid, Hagrid, Hagrid. This man was one of my favorites back in the day, his accent, his height, his beard, and his kindness and thankfulness and overall humbleness has always warmed me so much, he is definitely underrated and deserves attention. Overall he is the only good guy which I can stand and still support and love with all my heart.

But! But the character which I like now a days is this guy:


Severus freaking Snape, ladies and gentlemen - let us all bask in his glory under his silky smooth locks^_^

He is my man right now - cold,sarcastic, his perfectly squared-chin, not to mention  he has awesome hair *_* His snarky comments, his cool accent, HIS FREAKING HAIR!!!! All in all, to me Mr. Snape is rather an anti-hero in this series and provides with numerous reality checks in the series.

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I'm a big Harry Potter fan. My favorite character is Luna. Honestly bless her. According to Pottermore I am a Slytherpuff, as I could apparently be in both. Go figure.

Funnily enough I was in England the month before cursed child for a Harry Potter related college trip. My teacher stayed behind so she could see it. (My class was horribly jealous). Yeah my school was weird like that. 

Fanfiction for Harry Potter and I have a weird relationship I've found. Not sure why. I'm picky with it I think. Though I did also find an interesting Dramione fic. Not sure if it's the same one Aquila found though!

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Haven't read Barry Trotter, but I've heard of it. Think there are about 3 to 4 books. Anyway if anyone is considering Fantastic Beasts 2, I wouldn't say it's a must watch unless you're a huge fan / have some spare cash to burn at the cinema. Thought the first was better; the latest seemed to me rather weak plot-wise, and there wasn't any compelling character development. Soundtrack wasn't particularly memorable. Special effects were good though.

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10 hours ago, deviLz said:

Must be coz of this link this topic came out suddenly ?

Had always wanted to ask, especially as they both seemed to have come at the same time, that link and the topic

I pre-registered for this like a derp. This series still holds my heart no matter how much jkr tries to destroy it for me at times.

I have yet to/probably never will watch fantastic beasts. The fandom spoiled me too fast with the first one.

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