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@Lightningblade49 your commissions are finally here! Sorry it took so long darling. Robin Bonney Zoro And Nami I added a small logo with my nick cuz of th

Okay I made the covers, for the drawings it takes a bit more time. @Wizarmonfan this is yours Aquila, there are yours instead, I have no idea why I can't tag more than one person at onc

Been a while again huh? Well since I had a lot of time on my hands given the lack of internet this week I did some stuff I was supposed to do some time ago. BG this is yours   Yewon

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Another piece of the project me and Ace are doing, I finally managed to make a map of the region of Lilac, which is based from Italy. These are like the gen 5 ones.

This piece is blank but shows the map more.




While this one has the names of the cities and other places.




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