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28 minutes ago, belmakori said:

On Fan Fiction, my story, Children of the Cluster just hit 1,000 total views.  I realize, that to some, it's not a lot, but for me, that's huge. :) I posted the first chapter way back on 9/5/2016 (I took a hiatus during the fall/holidays and started posting more regularly starting in February 2017).  

That's pretty good!

My story The Time Displaced Sith already has 3,626 total views and I only started posting on July 4th....

As for the original version well I stopped keeping track after awhile the numbers were so big but before I took it down I do remember that I had something like 440 favs and 660 followers.... That really just boggles the mind and shows that for all it's flaws of which there were meany it was a popular story. :)

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