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We had an old iPhone 7 that I tried to fix, but it kept dying. I replaced the battery myself and it finally started!

Turns out, however, that one of the paper-thin ribbon cables for the display was ripped. So there was NO TOUCH response. 

I ordered a new screen, and yesterday it arrived. I spent an hour screwing around in this phone - literally, screwing off all the parts an putting on the new display. 

Miraculously, it worked! My younger brother actually wanted to downgrade from his 7+ to this iPhone 7, because of how shiny the display was (his is very scratched). Naturally, I was fine with taking over his old 7+, which has 128 gigs of memory. So now I'm rolling with that and I am so so so happy about this.

I'm pretty proud that I can fix phones like this because I don't have money to spend on expensive phones, even second hand, these phones go for several hundred euros and I buy too many guitars to afford that. 

Super thankful, super content.

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I'm looking into a new phone at the moment. Nothing too super flashy so that rules out the latest phones.

But I'm looking at either an iphone SE 2nd Generation or the Pixel 4a 5G which I hear is supposedly superior to the iphone.

I currently have an LG.... before that an Sony Xperia but they don't do Xperias in Australia anymore sadly.


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