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The Phone Thread

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An LG e400 Optimus. Lovingly dubbed 'The Potato'. Packing a solid 384Mb RAM and 1gb internal storage, this mother hubber can't go wrong- except when it crashes almost every time I turn on Wifi. Runs Android 2.3.6. There's nothing that isn't laggy on this.

Oh well. It will be discharged from service with full honors a month from now.


(Also, yay, this is probably the first tech-thread P)

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I have an iPhone 6. I used to have a 4, but I got to upgrade this summer.

The 4 was a good but small size, and I had some games on there that I liked....

But the 6 is better. There was a lot more available, and it was large but thin, making some things easier to do. Also, more games for me to play and less glitches.

I won't get technical....I'm not too good with technology, lol.

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I've always been an iPhone user, and I currently have the iPhone 5s. I love it because it can do almost everything my laptop can, and it's a very durable... The only problem is I don't have a lot of space (only 16 GB), so I can't put a lot of really big things like games or music on it. I don't mind it that much though, because my computer helps with that...

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My current phone is an iPhone XS as I'm constantly on the move and sometime working from the phone too. It's a good phone that does what needs to be done. My only complaint is the battery life but I guess it's expected when I use it for everything, lol.

I once had an Xperia XZ2, Gorgeous phone but I just don't like Android so I went for the iPhone.

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1 hour ago, onewiththewheels said:

Looking to get a new phone soon and switch to a better service on top of it. I'm still going to go with an iPhone, but I've no idea what version I will get. I like the one with a bigger touchscreen, though. Small touchscreens are hard for me to use.

iPhone 8 Plus has nice screen estate. Though, it’ll be a little cumbersome to use if you have small hands. 

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