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The human brain is programmed to recognize distinct facial features in babies that in turn promote aggression (So we can protect our young). This applies to young animals as well, especially mammal cu

Yewon you were supposed to leave me a question  Fine, I'll ask myself a question. Do you like green-tea, pyro? Green tea is the source of my energy.  Now for a question. Describe y

I make dramatic impressions of myself going out to face an army. The shower beats down on my back like rain and the shampoo bottle is my weapon. . What's your favorite drink?  

Is that a question of morality or is that a question of how the character is written?

If writing, well that is self-explanatory but by morality, it's really up to the situation because things are not in black and white.


I prefer good characters though I prefer morally grey characters with good intentions because its the most realistic characters, and while good guys are awesome they aren't perfect, good characters should also have their morally dark sides as well. But good characters are my preference.




Anyone got some unique story idea challenges they want to throw at me?

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Because I got bored with the standard formula in real stories and I wanted to see continued adventures that I had been watching, reading, and playing so I went looking for a place where there were people that continued the work of original storytellers. A beautiful paradise known as Fanfiction... though it has its quirks...


Which is scarier: Smile Dog or The Rake (creepypasta)?

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