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HI everyone. 

Just writing to let you know a former troublemaker known for committing many offences is back on the prowl again.

Normally, I'm not into witch-hunting and all, but we've had a long history with this member. They were once a member on our forum and got banned multiple times for committing a range of offences such as: backstabbing, intentionally trying to cause forum members to pick fights with each other, trying to cause trouble for fun, twisting words to appear victim, sucking up to you to get on your side, pretending to have a mental illness to use it as an excuse, making fun of disabilities and a lot of more devious and downright hateful stuff.

Please be wary. They are not to be trusted. 

Known accounts thus far:




This person is a liar, a backstabber, and a bit of a raging sociopath/psychopath with a massive raging hate boner for me.

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