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A new activity for the writers amongst us!

Also useful if you are on Tumblr as this will also be used as a way to try and reach out to another audience.

How this works...

  • You share a snippet of your story here that you would also like to post on Tumblr
  • It can't be more than 250 words
  • You need to link the forum and discord server in your post
  • This happens over every weekend (though if you have nothing to post that weekend, that's okay)

And those are the very basic rules!

If you have questions, let me know. You may also post your short scenes here (kinda replaces the work in progress/six sentences threads)



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TO kick things off.... Here is mine.

Title - A Hero's Last Cry

Fandom - Beyblade

Genre - Drama/Romance


“Beyblading is an important part of my life.”

“I know that. That’s why I turned to Kai. I asked him to go on a date with me.” She forced a dry laugh. “I know, it’s so lame. But it’s the only way I could see if you noticed. Don’t you see, Tyson? You’re the person I want to impress the most. Ever since we became classmates. You drive me crazy. You can be incredibly bull-headed and annoying. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Now Tyson raised an eyebrow, perplexed. This was nothing like the movies. The actors always made it seem so simple. He rubbed the back of his neck, and bit down on his lower lip, trying to find the right words to say. “…I’m sorry if I ever gave you the impression that I didn’t care. You’ve always been there for me, Hil. When my other friends left me… You stayed by me. You’ve seen me at my worst.”



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Here's mine.

Title: Come to Harm (a Next/01 crossover)

Fandom: Digimon

Genre: Drama/Friendship


The thin, fourteen-year-old girl was silent for only a brief moment as she put two and two together. A stubborn strand of white positioned itself in front of those expressive bright red eyes. “You’re that fearsome Chaosdramon those children were whispering about.” Her long white hair flowed down her back as she straightened to her full height. “Well, it is certainly an honour.”

“The honour’s all mine.” He said, offering his gloved hand. “And what are you called?” Gaomon asked of his future ally.

“The name’s Midori Nishimura.” Her soft cream hand took his offered glove in a firm handshake. “I am the daughter of Giovanni Walker, Lord Gaomon. My father is the boss of the yakuza gang here in Japan. I never thought I would meet someone as powerful as you. I heard quite a few things about you from those Tamer kids.”

Gaomon was rather pleased with her response. The girl wasn’t one of those goodie goodies and wouldn’t follow the path of light, no matter what those children said to her. He needed her on his side. “Oh, what were they?” While he didn’t care what those brats said about him, he was curious about the wonderful stories those children managed to tell his new ally.

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Title: A matter of loyalty. (Digital [R]eincarnation missing scene).

Fandom: Nier Automata/One Piece crossover.

Genre: Angsty E rated stuff (I guess).


“On your knees, soldier.”

Good as ever, 26E did as asked with no hesitation, but White could see the woman tense up from the way her shoulders shook lightly.

She felt horrible for putting her through this, and incredibly dirty for disrespecting the former human this way, but the alternative would have been way worse.

If she hadn’t accepted, then there wouldn’t be anything human left in the other woman, and she had sworn to never, ever, do a reset on her personality or her memories, no matter the cost.

Perhaps 26E, no, Nico Robin, would hate her, but it was a price that White was willing to pay.

“I now ask you, to do all you’re told to, and service me as I please. Do you understand?”

With a small gulp, Robin nodded. “Yes, Commander.”

She wasn’t new to these things, she had to sell her body plenty of times in order to convince pirate captains to shelter her for the time being. But something about White made this more intimidating than what it should have been.

She was used to it, so then why was she afraid?

White held her riding crop under her chin, so that she’d look up to her. “Visor off, I want to see your eyes.”

Just as she asked, the black cloth came off in one swift motion, and left forgotten on the floor for the time being. It had been years since White saw those eyes of hers, different colors for one different being.

Right eye blue, and left eye brown, as alluring as ever.

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Title - Valentine's Day

Summary - Lance wants to get Lyra something special for Valentine’s Day, but he isn’t quite sure what to get. Fortunately, Whitney comes to the rescue.

Genre - Romance/Humour


Chocolate, soft toys, plastic trees, bathroom decorations… pretty much everything in the shop was being treated as the perfect V-Day gift. Lance wasn’t sure where to even start. He wasn’t going to give Lyra a box of chocolates and roses because that’s what everyone else was doing. He had money, and he wasn’t going to settle for something too cheap. But what to get? It wasn’t like he could buy out the entire store.

“Hey there, Lance!” 

Lance turned around to find Whitney running towards him. He thought about running away, but it was too late. The girl had caught up to him. “Whitney.” Valentine’s Day was literally created for someone like Whitney. She liked cute things and Valentines was all about over the top cuteness. Valentines must be like Christmas for her. 

“Are you having trouble trying to decide what to get Lyra? Well, perhaps I can help!”

Great. Now he was going to be stuck with Whitney for the next couple of hours. He tried to come up with an excuse, but none came to mind. He wasn’t the Champion anymore so he no longer had to concern himself with League business. “What would you recommend?”

“Some guys like sticking with the roses and chocolates idea, but I think for someone of your status, you should do something more. I mean, you should still get here roses and chocolates though, I don’t know any female who doesn’t like chocolate. Oh, maybe you could get her a cute little pendant or bracelet or even an adorable soft toy! There are some really cute Pokemon Valentine plushies in the next aisle.”

The girl was so excited she was almost jumping up and down. “Anything else?”

“Well, if you don’t mind splashing some money around, you could visit either Olivine City or Vermillion City – I hear they’re running V-Day cruises to Kalos. Tickets have almost sold out though so if you want to do that you have to get within the next couple of hours,” Whitney explained. “You get a romantic meal, private seating, beautiful scenery…”

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Title - All I Want For Christmas Is You [Beyblade]

Summary - It has been five years since Tyson claimed his fourth title. Five years since he watched Hilary fall in love with another man. Now fate has brought them together again on the night before Christmas, and Tyson has the chance to make his wish come true.

Genre - Romance


“I thought I said no,” Hilary retorted, but not in an angry manner. She was smiling.

“What about a date then?” Tyson said.

Hilary shook her head mockingly. “You just don’t give up do you?”

“You know me better than anyone else. I’ve waited five years,” he replied, giving her his best charming smile. She laughed. This was the different side to the volatile queen. The fun-loving, joyful side. “Like I said earlier, I’m not going to spend the rest of my life waiting for you. So what’s it going to be?”

Hilary laced her fingers around his and smiled up at him. “I’m not much of a dancer.”

“Then you’ll just have to make it up to me with a date, then,” he lazily replied, a smirk of victory on his face. Hilary might pretend to have this tough girl act on, but he saw right past that. “Do we have a deal?” he teased, wagging his eyebrows.

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A section of my original fiction ch 3, Luciana's POV.

Title: TBD

Summary: none yet

Genre: Drama/Romance


Suddenly, her sixth sense rang in her mind, like a wolf growling into her ear a warning in a tongue only she could hear. She stopped mid-stride as she sensed an unknown shifter. It wouldn’t have bothered her so much if it wasn’t for the fact that this presence felt powerful, overwhelming.

She lowered the toy, tucking it in the safety of her jacket pocket as she turned her gaze to the other shifter. There on the other side of the playground was a tall and lean man wearing brown slacks and shoes, a white dress shirt and a blue tie. The shifter looked almost menacing as he glared in her direction with bright blue eyes, his jaded scaled tail shifted behind him as he studied her. 

Luciana fidgeted a little under the heat of his gaze. She didn’t feel all that comfortable with being glared at so hard and was going to say something, when he cleared his throat first. Before he could speak, however, she interrupted him.

“Who are you?” She asked him, as she narrowed her eyes. Luciana didn’t know who he was or what he was doing here in the playground, but she was going to find out.

The other shifter shook his head. “Who are you? I’ve never seen you before. And I know all the shifters in my community.”


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