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Thoughts on worldbuilding for an original fiction

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I had some help with this from a friend. Thoughts please? I'm setting this particular fiction in a version of Pangea, but all countries are one landmass.


I see Tahque as nonbinary. Tahque is the creator of the world. They are worshipped by all races as a whole but they also accept that the two lesser gods are worshipped by the beasts and humans respectively.

Good. So I would say they would have the more traditional gothic/Christian type chapels.


Wumir, God of the land (for the bestial races). I'm thinking for him he'll be like the chimera of Greek mythology.

Like a little bit of a lot of different beasts.

And I think maybe his depiction also changes from time to time, just what beasts he wants.

I feel like he wouldn't have temples but more like small shrines like shinto. Around the world.


Raona, Goddess of Man and Law/Seasons and Days. Her temple style would probably be something closer to buddhist temples. One hand holds an agricultural tool, the other a book. Brown hair, warm skinned, wearing a dress.

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19 minutes ago, Wizarmonfan said:

Any advice on how to worldbuild from what I've shown would be appreciated.

It can help to study current religions and use that as a foundation to develop your own. You probably don’t want to mix too many religions into the same world though as that can get very messy and complex fast. Doable for sure but difficult.

You will need lore. And laws. Beliefs and such.

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