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Here is the link to our forum writing archive site >>> http://www.tazlandarchives.com/index.php

I was gonna open it on the 16th but it's ready to go.

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Have you registered to be a member on the writing archives site, but unsure what to do?

This guide has been created for you to help you with getting started. Most of this is straightforward, but there are some things you must make sure you have done to have the smoothest experience.


Once you've registered, you'll want to set up your account details. Most importantly, your preferences (EDIT PREFERENCES). If you want to copy and paste your text from a word document you will want to enable USE TINYMCE WYSWYG editor. If you do not enable this, your story will not be formatted correctly and you'll just have squished up text. Also, make sure to check the other boxes so you receive email notifications when someone reviews your work and responds to your reviews.


Title: The name of your story

Search: This will bring up a search box of author names. From here, you can add co-authors to your story if required but I can't imagine this will be used often.

Summary: Your story summary

Story Notes: More detailed warnings should go here, or anything else you feel readers need to know in advance. 

Category Options

Click on the ones that apply to your story then press on the > to ensure the category is enabled.

If you want another category added, please tell me and what it would fit under. So far we have:

  • Anime/Manga
    • Beyblade, Pokemon, Digimon
  • Books and Literature
    • Harry Potter
  • TV and FIlm
    • Supernatural
  • Video Games
    • Assassin's Creed, Smite, Dragon Age
  • Original

Characters: Rather than have heaps of characters listed, I figure it was better to keep it simple and stick with:

  • Canon - the story features the canon characters (pretty much all stories submitted should have this included if it's not an original work)
  • LGBT+ - features a character that is gay, bi, trans etc.
  • Original - the story includes an original character that plays a main role in the story (please don't use this tag if your original character is simply a bus driver, shop attendant etc - they must be a main character)

Genre: Give your story a genre - if your story doesn't belong under one of these genres, please contact AquilaTempestas.

Unsure what your genre is? I've listed a few common characteristics common to these genres to give you some idea.

Although stories will often overlap with many genres, you really need to ask yourself - what is the main plot about? What is the setting like? Narrow it down. Be precise. Think about your target audience.

  • Angst - self-harm, suicide, drug-abuse, depression, anxiety etc. 
  • Comedy - stories where the central plot is about trying to make the reader laugh
  • Crime & Mystery - hunting down a serial killer, solving crimes, and detective work
  • Drama - stories focused around raising a family, finding love, dealing with work, just day-to-day issues highly relatable to people - think soap operas
  • Fantasy - elves, dwarves, goblins, dragons, dungeons and dragons, magic, vampires, werewolves, faeries etc. If your story involves magic that's not related to aliens, chances are it probably fits here.
  • Horror & Thriller - the goal here is all about trying to make the reader feel scared
  • Romance - the story's main plot must be about the main couple's relationship. Most stories will have romance in them, but the romance isn't the driving plot of the story (ie your story can survive without romance). If the romance is the main driving plot of your story, then you'll want this category.
  • Sci-Fi - aliens, spaceships, dystopian world, technology heavy, futuristic

Type: Rather than use terms such as one-shot, multi-chapter etc, I am using book terms. These lengths may vary from place to place, but I've gone with the descriptions that I grew up understanding. For stories that are a work-in-progress, you may not know exactly how long it will be. Just make a rough estimate about the eventual end result. For example, if you just started writing a story, and you think it will be over 80,000 words, then select novel. You can always change details later.

  • Poems/Song-Fics - self-explanatory
  • Script - again, this one is obvious
  • Drabble - anything under 1000 words
  • Short Story - between 1000-7500 words
  • Novelette - between 7500-20,000 words
  • Novella - between 20,000-50,000 words
  • Novel - between 50,000-110,000 words
  • Epic - for stories that clock over 110,000 words

Warnings: It's impossible to list every single warning, so I've narrowed it down to tags that are worth knowing about in advance. For more detailed warnings, please mention them in your story notes. Warnings should only apply if it's a major event happening to your essential characters. For example, please don't add the tag character death if it's just some random character that appears for one scene dies.

If you think an essential warning tag is missing, do let me know!

  • Character Death - a main character dies
  • Implied Sex - no detailed sex scenes (not describing the act of sex itself), but strongly hinted at
  • Explicit Sex - detailed sex scenes
  • Gore and Violence - graphic descriptions of gore and violence. For example, a character tortures another and the author writes out exactly what happens. 
  • Self-Harm/Suicide - self-explanatory
  • Rape - Is rape the reason your story happens? Does a rape scene occur in your story? Use this warning.
  • None - No warnings apply


I've based these ratings loosely around the Australian film classifications guide and modified them for written text. I've also added some movie and book examples to help paint a better picture.

G - General audience. The sort of story the whole family can enjoy regardless of age and background.

EXAMPLES > Beyblade, Digimon, Pokemon, Harry Potter


PG - These stories may hint at suggestive content (mentions of sex and violence) but nothing descriptive. You basically plant the idea in the reader's head without giving them the words (so indicating the character is going to kill someone but you don't write it out). 

EXAMPLES > Harry Potter, The Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy, The Hobbit, 


M - This is an odd mixture of PG and MA without straying too far in either direction. Most stories will probably fall under M.

EXAMPLES > All those superhero movies, most CW shows like Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries, The Wheel of Time novels, Mortal Instruments, and so on.


MA - These stories will have gore and violence, sex, profanity, and so and on but nothing overly detailed. For example, if you are writing a sex scene and it's only a paragraph or two long, then it's just not detailed enough to be considered R. If you are writing a torture scene, and not describing all the bloody details, then it's probably not an R rated story but MA. 

EXAMPLES > I have no specific examples here but try to think of Harry Potter with profanity and more bloody conflict with some mild sex scenes on the side. Imagine that.


R - Stories that fall under R will be pretty heavy in terms of sensitive content -  explicit sex scenes, graphic gore and violence, excessive profanity, detailed suicide, rape and other similar topics. Basically, these authors do not hold back on detail, and these details are core to the story's plot.

EXAMPLES > Game of Thrones, Fifty Shades of Grey, etc etc.


Chapter Notes - specific notes relating to a chapter

Story Text - copy the text of your story and paste it here. If there are no spaces in between lines in your original text, you will have to manually add those line spaces otherwise you will get squished text (fine in a physical novel, but harder to read digitally). So please add line spaces between paragraphs (hit that ENTER button after a paragraph). In Word, you can easily configure this as well as indented text.


END Notes - ending chapter notes where you try to convince people to review



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