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Smite Collaboration Story

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So, I felt randomly inspired to write a Smite story, and I thought it would be cool to write one with fellow Smite fans.

I can upload to fanfiction.net and Archive of Our Own and make note it's a collaborative story.

I'm tagging everyone who plays Smite so more sharing involved (less work for people).


  • All you need to do is write 300-500 words per entry about a character in Smite
  • You can write about whatever you want - just connect it back to Smite (but you can draw on mythology) or you can write a story about a Smite character dressing up in a costume (skin)
  • You can use quotes from the game
  • Some ideas:
    • Mythology centred 
      • Arachne and Athena scene where Arachne is telling Athena that Zeus is a manwhore and a rapist but Athena doesn't believe
      • Ao Kuang getting beaten up by a little 'girl' (cough Ne Zha)
      • Cu Chulainn rejecting Morrigan's love
      • Horus and Set 'stone boat' racing
    • Smite skins centred
      • Thor in a wedding dress (also kinda lore based but oh well)
      • Beach party with the summer-based skins
      • Christmas-themed party
      • Stripper Achilles at the club
      • Crime boss Kuzenbo
    • Original ideas
      • Loki trying to prank Heimdallr and failing (totally upload that story somewhere Stubborn - it's way too awesome to go unnoticed)
      • Baba Yaga drugging people and the weird things that happen
      • Baron and Bacchus making a new 'brew'
      • You can even have a crack at writing a small romance if that fancies you
      • Fenrir chasing Chang'es rabbit

If you're keen let me know, and we can try and write an entry a week. There are a lot of gods in the game so we can probably even write more than two entries a week depending on who has an idea and such.

I'll go first since it's my idea, but if you want to join in, post your idea here and the character you want to write about. You can then upload your extract here so I can upload it (you'll be mentioned, don't worry). 

Forgotten the gods in the game? Here's the link > https://www.smitegame.com/gods/ 


@Ace of Spies @HrafnagudDottir @Stubborn Saber @VectorLogic @Shizophrenia @Sakura Alexia @TJMike  @Lightningblade49


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