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Six Sentence Saturdays

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From ch 12 of where dragons roam


Miyuki observed Hikaru read over the names, watching as his eyes widened at one of them.

“No way!” He exclaimed softly, showing her the list again with one finger pointing to the topmost name. “Taichi Yagami. Literally the best soccer player in my grade. I had no idea I was in the same grade as him.”

Miyuki gave him a deadpan stare. “I should know him because why? I came from Glasgow, remember? I don’t know anyone famous here or of note.”

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Oops. Kinda forgot about this.

But here are six sentences from my Pokemon fantasy.


"I couldn’t save grandfather. The kingdom he worked hard to build is almost all but gone. Because of me.”

He dropped to his knees and peered down at the land below.

What was once a thriving bustling city of life was now nothing but a graveyard.

“What did these people give their lives for?”

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