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Six Sentence Saturdays

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Welcome to Six Sentence Saturdays!

Here, we welcome you to post six sentences from something you're working on, or something you have shared previously. At least once a month we will endeavour to give a word or phrase prompt for you to write six sentences about, and again, this can tie into work you are already doing, and can be for fandom or original work. 



- Six sentences. No more. No Less. 


As always, remember to read a react to the post before yours! 

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“Did you tell him we were going to Tai’s soccer game first?” she asked.

“Of course I did.”

“And he was okay with that?”

Steph stirred her coffee, unsure what her cousin was getting at. “Why wouldn’t he be?”

Becky was silent for a moment before she said tentatively. “Aren’t you worried he might think it’s a bit weird that you still spend so much time with Tai?”


Context: Digimon Adventure Tri rewrite

Characters: Steph Summers, Becky Carter, Matt Ishida and Tai Kamiya 

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It took Miyuki a little bit to regain her composure, but she finally managed to wipe her eye free from tears. She sniffled once before seeing that Hikaru had stopped crying as well and then Plotmon spoke up.

“What do you recommend we do now?”

Miyuki exhaled. “We go hunting for MetalGreymon Alterous’ hideout. If we can find that, we can find if he left any notes.”

Hikaru nodded. “Sounds like a plan.”


The start of the next 250 words for ch 11 of my Digimon 01 OC AU, where dragons roam.

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If the Commander had things to hide I’d find them, I wasn’t going to stand up to a lie. She didn’t know that I too knew how to play the whole lying game, I did it for longer than she ever had. She was as dangerous to me as I was to her.

I may have been a combat android, but first and foremost I was that little kid whose dream was to find the truth about one of the biggest mysteries of her world. It wasn’t the same, but I was still going to search for the truth on this, it’s what I did my whole life, and I wasn’t going to stop now.

She may have made 26E, but at heart I was still Nico Robin.


A small part of the script of a comic I will attempt to do with the name of Digital [R]eincarnation.

Context: a crossover piece where a character from One Piece, Nico Robin, gets reincarnated as a YoRHa android of NieR Automata, telling her own story.

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Although they had both known that truth, it still hit Athena and Zephyris like a bullet, their breath and words knocked away. Athena was the first to respond, with a tremor to her voice as her eyes flitted to Zephyris. She had never seen such a pained look on his face in a long time, and though he turned away so she couldn't notice, she still saw a mist to his cyan eyes. For the first time since their relationship had burned and crashed, she felt sorry for him. 

"Don't apologise, you've done nothing wrong," she whispered, however she felt like crying seeing that guilt on Jack's face. What a mess the two of them had brewed, only to hurt the friend they both loved. 


Part of my WIP novel Warheart Academy, the Harry Potter rip off that I just decided to continue today because I realised I left the 18th chapter unfinished xD 

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Some trash for Beyblade.


"Really, Mariah? Mystel?" Lee repeated through clenched teeth.

Mariah frowned. "You don't get a say in my choice of men, Lee." 

She always used his name when she was mad about something.

"Besides, I don't talk about your choice in women. I could talk about you and that Frankie weirdo, but I'm a good sister and I'm supportive of your choices."


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From A Robin in the Night chapter 6:



Eraserhead and All Might did not get along. Not for lack of trying on All Might’s part, and not out of any true hostility either.  They respected each other’s work and they supported each other’s progress.

But the optimism that All Might does his best to ooze out of his pores only flickers in Aizawa’s stomach like a fire that refuse to go out.

Not to mention that All Might has a horrific tendency to wake up at ungodly hours that Aizawa goes to sleep at.

At least the man always comes with coffee and something savory.



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There it was again. That weird, foggy morning.

Jamie stared out of the window with an awe that he’s hardly ever felt, and for good reason. Radiant Garden was usually always bursting with life, even in the late nights and early mornings. But on this morning, the streets were completely empty, and even the stalls that usually lined the cobble roads were vacant.

While it didn’t change anything for him, and while it didn’t change anything about his life, he couldn’t help but feel that something special happened on these odd mornings.


From a Kingdom Hearts fic (that I’ve titled “Beyond”) that I’ve yet to truly start and publish, about the events that happen after KHUX. 

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Missed this but wanted to take part anyway:

Lifting out the vases, Cleo headed for the tap embedded in the stone wall encircling the graveyard and began to clean them out. There was a tranquil silence that came from graveyards that Faith never fully appreciated. Bar the harsh cry of a crow nesting in the large sycamore tree in the corner, the place existed in a bubble of solitude. No one walked by, no cars sounded in the distance, even the cows in the field next door seemed to be reverent in their silence.

“Ungrateful gits, the pair of them.”

So silent, Faith mused, that she could hear the dead.

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From an upcoming Smite story between Baba Yaga and Ullr.


“Ah, I must’ve added the wrong ingredient, but it’s all part of the fun,” she crowed.

If he wasn’t currently hunched over, he would’ve aimed an arrow at her heart, but all he wanted was something cool to fan out the flames in his throat. “You call this fun?”

She grinned. “Now, now, don’t be so upset! At least you haven’t turned into a chicken.”

He rubbed his throat again.

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From a Digimon Savers AU I'm working on in between "where dragons roam".


“I really wish I could, Piyomon. I’m sorry.” Masaru clenched a fist, but was caught off-guard by Chika’s partner charging him.

“I made a promise!” The Child level cried as he pulled back his right hand and punched Masaru squarely in the face, almost breaking his nose.

After a moment of silence in which Piyomon ended up looking at Masaru in surprise, all Masaru did was grunt before spitting some blood to the ground that had trickled from his nose. “Didn’t hurt. At all. And now you’re going down. Back to the Digital World where you belong.”

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A WIP from my latest Monster Hunter World chapter, Insatiable.


Pitter patter, pitter patter. Craning his neck skyward, a blanket of menacing dark clouds flooded the sky with flashes of light weaving through it. So much for a productive outing, Frederick thought bitterly. Raindrops pierced the land in violent waves, sending creatures large and small fleeing Mother Nature’s relentless tears. He grumbled. Great, rain.


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The moon illuminated the night, bathing the trees of the local park in its soft light, all was quiet, save for a lone figure that still lingered around in the dark. Harsh pants left the person’s mouth as her eyes looked upwards, glaring, seemingly wanting to curse at the moon.

And not only the moon, but a few other people that contributed to causing this mess. Not that they knew.

Not yet at least.

She just couldn’t be like the other Mews it seemed, not that she had ever been like them at all, as much as she liked to think they were similar in certain ways, but this was starting to become ridiculous, even as far as their magical powers went.


From hopefully a halloween one shot I will manage to finish in time.

Thought I'd go back to the Tokyo Mew Mew fandom and attempt something.

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“Lose half our stuff?” 

“Oh come on, if you’re going around in an endless maze with a bag full of food and useful items, folk are gonna want it,” Vulpix snickered.

“I get that but… Only half your stuff? The feral Pokemon must be nice to only take half of it,” Purrloin mumbled.

Nickit stared at the feline, piping up, “Yeah, I never thought of that. My brother Dusk went exploring the other day and he got mugged, but they let him keep his apples.” 


Restructured a tiny bit to try get six sentences,  from a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon fanfic. This is just poking fun of the weird mechanic that when you faint, you lose half your items. 

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It's still technically my Saturday so here we go:


At Takao's pointed look, Hiromi exhaled loudly and tucked her hand into the crook of his elbow, keeping her voice low. “I just think that when you do something like this, it’s asking for trouble. It’s like we're provoking them.”

“Provoking what?”

“The spirits.” She glanced over her shoulder and leaned into him as he matched his stride to her own.

“Spirits? Hiromi, ghosts aren’t real.”

She poked his side. “You have a bitbeast and you’re telling me spirits aren’t real?”


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A day late due to having a meltdown re my writing, but here it is, I started to finally write this scene after it sitting in my drafts for forever: 

(Context: Steph has to drive Tala back from Shibuya where he had to get more scans of his brain post BEGA takedown) 


As she rummaged through her pockets for the keys to the Jeep, she caught him staring at the motorcycle he had pointed out earlier. “Don’t even think about it,” she told him, sternly.

“What’s wrong with motorcycles?”

The car beeped as she unlocked it and the side mirrors unfolded into their driving position. “Considering that the reason I had to drive you to the hospital today is to make sure your brains aren’t scrambled, I’d probably prefer you pick up a less dangerous hobby than motorcycles.”

He rolled his eyes and yanked the car door open. “Buzzkill,” he muttered.

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From an old one-shot I am in the process of fixing up. It's for Beyblade and was done way back in 2010!

Goodness. This one needs a lot of work, but it was a parody.


Enrique could tell they were eating muffins without him, so he hopped into the room angrily and glared.

All the muffins were gone... except one and that was in Johnny’s hands.

“NNNOOOOO!!!” Enrique exclaimed, as Johnny brought the muffin closer to his mouth.

Without warning, Enrique flung himself at Johnny and brought him crashing to the ground.

The muffin rolled out of his hands and across the tiled floor.

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This is a Ken/Bastemon Digimon fic that I've been working on the past couple months. There aren't many stories based on the mysterious God, so I figured I would write one with the general concept that Ken and Osamu are the reincarnations of God with soulmates mixed in.


“Don’t be afraid, my child.” The light that radiated off his body seemed to create this golden aura around them, protecting them from the vicious attacks. The strange soulless creatures that smelled of rotten fish and just looked… wrong screamed in agony as their bodies rippled and fall apart right there in front of them, like globby ink on dry paper. 

Kami kept a firm grip on him, his gentle smile never leaving his features. However, Leafmon knew something was not right. His mama’s golden eyes were currently glowing and only grew brighter as the creatures began merging together, forming a globby humanoid with sharp teeth, crimson cat-like eyes, and slimy tentacles that protruded from its back. 

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Also from my current Digimon piece, I am really excited to be writing this chapter!


She frowned at the sharpness in his tone; she hadn’t spoken to him since his outburst yesterday.  He’d been conveniently absent from Homeroom that morning and he hadn’t responded to any of the group texts Izzy had sent throughout the day either. If not for T.K, Steph was pretty sure Matt would have gone the entire day without speaking to anyone.
He sighed, his expression softening and she could tell he regretted snapping at her. “Have you been at Izzy’s this whole time?”
Steph nodded sheepishly. “We were just working on some theories about the distortions,” She wasn’t sure why she felt the need to explain herself, but it suddenly occurred to her that Matt might come to the wrong conclusion otherwise. 

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From my current Jujutsu Kaisen fic in AO3, "The shadow for the light."



Miwa was steaming Nobara’s medium-side orange hair. They both took bath in the lotus pond of the court, which was meant for all royal women of the Yoshino family and female guests of royalty. There was a big vessel filled with hot water which vaporizes to produce the steam.

“Ah, we have done a great mistake by taking bath so late at night. I can’t sleep until my hair would get dry” Nobara sighed as she looked at her face on the mirror.

“It’s not our fault Kugisaki. We have fought a battle which lasted for so long. Well, steaming your hair might make it a bit dry but the steam is the problem.”

“Do steam my hair; I will take care of my hair later.”

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Tiny part of the WIP epilogue for my Shattered story's first arc, probably way better with context but more coherent without said context than any other six-sentences I could make out of it :lol:


“That ungrateful little shit turned on me…” As he tried to stand, his legs gave out and he collapsed again, before his sister. She giggled, crouching down to ruffle his hair like one may do to a child. 

“And so you came running back to me,” she mused. Her fingers tightened around strands of hair and he grimaced. “And you said you didn’t need your big sister.”

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Another little piece from the comics script I should be rewriting.

This is an exchange of words between Robin/26E and Commander White, there's not much context since it is just a dialogue.


“26E, you lied to me, she didn't kill you, you let A2 go free”

“You dare talk about lies to me Commander?”

“Come back to the Bunker with 2B and 9S and I'll let you be.”



“I refuse to be a pawn in your hands again, go find yourself another loyal soldier, I'm done.”

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A day late for 6 Sentence Saturday, but that's only because I got home late last night and it was too late to write anyway.


Falcomon hadn’t expected Piyomon to carry him into the air, Masaru noticed and smirked to himself. As he watched his opponent fall to the ground, he twisted around to ensure he was closer to Falcomon. Masaru was aiming to punch the bird again and was surprised when the bird didn’t block him with one of his shurikens.

“What is your goal other than wanting to retrieve Piyomon?” He asked Falcomon.

The bird grunted. “That’s none of your concern, filthy human.” He otherwise kept his beak shut.

Masaru knew the ground was coming ever closer and grabbed Falcomon by the chest feathers. “You wanna bet? You mess with one of us, you mess with all of us.”

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A piece from from the latest chapter from my Digimon fic "Meaning of Forgiveness". 


“Why you…?” Lord Knightmon continued to sneer at three Demon Lords, offended by their mere presence, before an intense aerial battle occurred between Demon Lords and lone Royal Knight. Beelzebumon pulled out his cherished shotguns and began shooting at Dynasmon, momentarily distracting the other from the charging dino. 

“This is not going to end well,” Julieanna said as she helped her brother to his feet. Daisuke winced as he got to his feet, just as the force field went back up. 

“About time,” Daisuke mumbled under his breath.

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For a Beyblade story


“Gideon is a formidable warrior,” Hiro said, standing at his son’s side, his right hand clasped around his spear. 

“And his forces will be crushed,” Tatsuya spat, eager to taste the enemy’s blood on his sword once more. “You do not have to be here, Hiro. This is not your battle.”

Hiro shook his head, navy blue locks falling around his shoulders. “I do not thirst for battle as you do, but I will not let you fight alone."

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