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Another Beyblade fic of mine. 


After the day's work, he laid himself on the couch. He worked so hard that day. There were nearly fifty patients, and next week he has to perform a lung transplant. Not surprising for him, just a busy schedule like it has been for a year since he became a pulmonologist. 

However, the pang of pain in his heart never left him. He felt betrayed. He was nearly crestfallen. Every day he pretended as if he was just doing good in front of his colleagues, students, and patients, but he is wallowing behind.

He was Yamashita Kane; a Twenty-seven-year-old pulmonologist. He started a private practice as a chief doctor in Australia, ten months ago. His job is almost full-time. Recently, he became a professor in the Pulmonology department of a college and taught PG students. His life was certainly dry, with treating patients coming with breathing and lung issues and preparing lectures for his students. Sometimes, he listened to songs and played his guitar, but that never healed the pain in himself.

He just can’t digest the fact that she left him. He felt betrayed, hurt, and backstabbed. It wasn’t her fault completely, but the fault was lying behind the fate which gifted both of them. She has been pregnant, but with his child. But, she lost all her long-lost precious memories, so she just doesn’t believe that Kane was the father. Her family asked him to stay away from her. Coincidentally, he was in Japan to perform surgery and she has been living there.

His iPhone vibrated. He quickly grabbed it and saw a text from her brother.

Onii-chan's water is breaking and she is on the verge of losing her life. Please come to the General hospital in Shinjuku.


Might make modifications later.

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From chapter 21.


“Ah, so the human was trying to protect an android reject. How poetic.”

Blue eyes holding a furious glare looked up at Adam. How dared he mock her like this? How dared he even speak of Robin at all?

“Shut your trap, you goddamn filthy machine…”

But Adam didn’t seem scared, if nothing he was loving this reaction.

“Such a foul mouth, Number 2. Perhaps I should remedy that, and fix what my predecessors have failed to do.”

As Adam lifted his weapon, now dirty with Robin’s blood, A2 did the best she could, reaching for the nearest weapon, fearing that her Type 40 equipment could end up damaging the already wounded android further with its electric sparks, which was none other than Scarlet Despair, Robin’s sword. 

The blade glowed brightly and erratically, as if it sensed A2’s own anger and displayed it in its own way. As soon as A2 laid her hand on the hilt she knew why Robin claimed the sword was so special, it seemed to have a will of its own and a mysterious energy within itself she could feel through her hands as if it was her own.

But now it wasn’t time to think about that.

Adam’s spear came down again, A2 did her best to block the hit one handed, and with the rest of her body she tried to cover Robin’s bigger one with her own, still hoping somehow she was still alive, and was determined to protect her.

If she ended up dying, at least it won’t be for a dumb reason this time, and… maybe she won’t be alone in it…

Adam pushed down on the black sword, A2’s arm struggling to handle the pressure, and failing. With a grimace she waited for the pain to come…

… but it never did…

A sound from the back of a firing laser could be heard, and Adam grunting in frustration as he’d been interrupted. She had forgotten of Robin’s little box companion, but… didn’t those things only take orders from their owners?

“You know what? Perhaps I’ll let you live, I’m interested in a superior Number 2 anyways.” the machine grinned down at her, then turned away from A2, as if distracted by something.

“It seems that said guest has arrived too, well then, I shall bid my farewells. Next time we meet, maybe you can tell me how losing someone you care feels.”

Defiant as ever, she held Robin’s body even closer. “I’ll save her.” she spoke with more determination than what she truly felt.

“Will you? Foolish android, you never were able to save anyone.”

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Chapter 22 in the works.


Today was such a grim day too, with clouds covering the sun. And to the sky she watched Robin turn her head all of a sudden, squinting as if she was trying to spot something.

“Is there something you see?” A2 asked, as the other woman pulled her old visor from her neck and wore it over her eyes to see better.

“There.” she pointed straight to a point, and A2 could faintly see some traces of lights. “YoRHa flight units.” she stated.

“And it looks like they’re many.” she then turned to her Pod. “What are the readings of machine lifeforms?”

“Calculating…” she did not like the long pause the thing made. “Approximately about four thousands.”

“They’re double the amount of the machines we encountered when we landed on Earth!” A2 remembered clearly the mass that had threatened to crush them four little androids hadn’t the Resistance stepped in.

“And considering the amount of YoRHa units being deployed…” Robin frowned, taking off the visor. “I’ve managed to count a few squadrons so far, but I assume more will be coming, perhaps all the units YoRHa has. This is an all out attack from both sides.”

She clutched the visor in her hand before hastily tying it back on her neck. “White intends to finish things today, it’ll be a massacre.”

“But if YoRHa wins…”

“Then we’ll be free.”

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