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A snippet from the first draft of my novel.



Cleo faltered, then her expression dropped with a groan. “You’re going to do that now?”

“Well, I can hardly take her to lunch with us and I’m not letting her follow me home."

“But our burger!”

“Cleo, you can have a burger any time you want.” Faith parted from Cleo’s side to skirt an oversized puddle of water from the earlier shower of rain. “This poor woman—“

“Poor woman?” Cleo hissed, keeping her voice low as her shoulder bumped Faith's. "You didn’t even like her when you talked to her. And I’m really craving a burger. I have it in my head.”

“You can go get one—“

“I’m not sitting on my own like a loser. Fran’ll think we’ve fallen out and then we’ll have to deal with all the weird looks and the unsolicited advice ending up with someone locking us in a room together until we sort our shit out.”

Faith blinked, risking a glance back at the woman drifting along behind them, before frowning at Cleo. “Where do you even come up with this stuff? It’s really not that big of a deal if you eat on your own. Plenty of people do it. Besides, think about it, what’s more important, helping this woman or your burger.”

“I’m guessing my burger isn’t the right answer?”

“No,” Faith hissed, elbowing Cleo none too gently. “Look, I didn’t ask for any of this, but I have a job to do. These people need me and it happens once in a blue moon. It’s hardly depriving you of burgers.”

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Part of chapter 2 of my KH x TWEWY story.

Sora was amazed at the amount of people that walked around him. He’s never seen so many people in one place before! Not even on Olympus when the crowds would watch Hercules fight in the Coliseum. Each one seemed in their own world, talking and walking in their own direction. 

Around those people were the tallest buildings, almost as tall as Hollow Bastion’s castle except it was everywhere. And in the middle of it all was a building with a large lit-up sign, towering over the street and all of its people. And lit up in blood-red were the words:


Sora already knew that, but… he supposed that seeing that information solidified helped him remember just where he was. What he had to do. 

Nothing like an ominous billboard to remind you that you aren’t here to have fun. 

He frowned. They gave him some sort of pin, right? He rummaged through his pockets; in his right pocket was a bunch of pins, but in his left pocket was one single pin, and he took it out. And there it was, the Player Pin. 

Sora grasped it tightly, and suddenly, the world around him exploded. He couldn’t explain it. It was like… a million voices were talking to him at once, each one of them vying for his attention in his head. 

He dropped the pin immediately, and as sudden as the voices started, they stopped. Sora looked at the pin with slight suspicion, but regardless, he gently picked it up. And promptly put it back into his pocket. 

Yeah, that wasn’t something he wanted to try again any time soon. 

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Forgot to add what story it is lol
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Another glimpse at the Savers oneshot.


Turning his focus back to Falcomon, Masaru tightened his grip on the chest feathers, noting the bird’s wince. “Make your choice now!” He insisted, hoping Falcomon chose quickly.

Falcomon instead scoffed and gave him a dark look, before evolving.

But how? Masaru thought. His partner was not nearby. Was he? As the light of evolution enveloped the bird, Masaru was forced to jump off of his opponent. The next second he landed on the ground in a crouch, but took a moment to gather his composure before standing up again. He glanced up at the new Digimon in front of them as Piyomon landed beside him.

“This could be bad, brother.” Chika’s partner commented to him, the pink bird studying the new foe as well.

Masaru nodded, placing one hand on Piyomon’s head. “I know. We have to be careful.”

Without warning, they had to leap back from the attack.

“What the hell?!” Masaru glanced up at the new Digimon again sharply. Why was he attacking them? He narrowed his eyes at the foe, determined to defeat him as soon as possible.

He heard Thoma’s voice beside him. “Either he can evolve by himself or his partner is nearby, but it’s a matter of where. I would send Gaogamon to check, but he and Sunflowmon are waiting for our orders to take this Digimon down.”

The Digimon attacked once more, but this time aimed his attack at Chika. “No!” Piyomon cried in distress and tried to reach her in time.

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From ch 12


Wait, she what? Miyuki took a step back, surprised at the outcome. She had thought their partners would be able to damage her a bit more than that. But apparently not. Hmm, this made things difficult.

“I wouldn’t worry too much about it. They’ll be back up in a minute.” LadyDevimon remarked, seeing the concern on Miyuki’s face at how quickly she had taken the two Perfects down.

Miyuki looked at her, not quite convinced. However, she was surprised a few moments later when Wingdramon and Triceramon X started stirring and got to their feet. “Well, okay, I guess. Guess you didn’t knock them out too heavily, so that’s okay.”

LadyDevimon stared back at her as the two Perfects devolved to their Child stages. “Not normally one to pry, but what exactly happened to you, child?”

Miyuki hadn’t been expecting the question and glanced away. “I was harassed before here.”

LadyDevimon nodded slowly to herself, one hand clasping her chin thoughtfully. “Very well. I won’t inquire further. I do recommend getting some help with that, though.” She then lowered her hand back to her side, pausing for a moment. She was about to start speaking again when Hikaru interrupted.

“So what now?”

“Firstly, you need to get stronger. I can help you achieve Ultimate. I have an ally here; he goes by the name of Clockmon. His ability allows him to stop time, which will be exceptional with your training.” LadyDevimon started explaining.

Miyuki’s eye widened. “That sounds really cool.”

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I forgot to do this yesterday.

Some Beyblade trash. Maybe you'll get a laugh out of it. None of this even makes any sense. It's boring. Lifeless. Characters have no personality whatsover. 

How to not write? Read this passage!


Ian peered down at the silver goblet on the table. He reached a hand for it and brought the rim to his mouth, the edge grazing his nose. “One of the scouts dropped by the barracks this morning. They said they had spotted a large horde of barbarians to the north.”

Kai frowned. “More? We drove a group off last week.”

“But we didn’t kill them off,” Bryan replied, running his fingers through his shaggy grey hair. Loose bangs fell around his face, and he pushed them aside. “That’s all we do. We just push them away, but they keep returning. We have to hit them. Weaken their outposts at least.”

“But Voltaire won’t give the order,” Kai replied.

Bryan made a fist and slammed it down on the table. “And why not? We can take them.”

“We don’t even know how many of them there are. We haven’t even reached their stronghold,” Tala pointed out with a sigh. “They live beyond the river… And they live beyond the mountain pass. Our forces are not equipped for fighting in the snow nor climbing mountains. Our soldiers are effective on flat terrain. Not on slopes.”

Bryan’s shoulders slumped. “We should be there helping.”

“But we’re stationed here in the city,” Spencer replied. “If Voltaire needed us at the encampment, then he would send us there to serve.”

Kai nodded. “I’m going to talk to him today even if he hasn’t sent word for me. It’s been almost two weeks since I last talked to my grandfather. But Bryan’s right – we cannot allow those barbarians to break through. That outpost is the only thing that’s stopping those barbarians from roaming across our lands.”

“But we have allies defending the outpost,” Ian said. “Right? The four noble lords promised they would send aid.”

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Almost finished the oneshot.


He then rushed to his sister’s side as Garudamon grabbed the metal beams off of his partner and threw them to one side. The Perfect leaned down slightly and picked Chika up, cradling her close to him.

“Is she going to be okay?” Garudamon asked, his voice quiet.

Masaru had a closer look when the Perfect toned down the protectiveness and kneeled to show the boy his sibling. “I think so. She just needs to get to a hospital so they can keep an eye on her injuries.”

Handing Chika back to the teen he deemed his brother, Garudamon stood up again and devolved down to the Child level. “We need to go now then please.” Piyomon begged Masaru. He didn’t want to see his partner in any more pain.

Masaru just nodded and glanced to Yoshino, who looked back at him with a worried expression. She didn’t say anything other than: “I’ve already called an ambulance. Please take care of her, Masaru. I’m sorry she got hurt. We’ll take care of this.”

“Thanks, means a lot.” Masaru replied as the ambulance pulled up with a stretcher ready.

Assessing the injuries, the ambulance crew got Chika into the vehicle and encouraged Masaru to sit near her. He would have done that anyway, even if they hadn’t insisted upon it. Putting the sirens on, the ambulance raced to the hospital as fast as they could without breaking the speed limit.

Masaru had his hand on Chika the whole time, fighting tears.

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  • 1 month later...

Its been a long time since I posted something for this, but here you go. Its a random beyblade one-shot I am writing for Kane and OC. Sorry, this part is all dialogues.


“Can I see her?” he asked in a polite yet low-pitched voice.


Kane followed the doctor inside.

“Well sir, I am extremely sorry for what happened. I know that our chief doctor does have a personal vengeance against you. I never expected that your wife waited for two hours and to also get beaten by his men.”

“It’s okay; it was not your fault at all. The gynecologist in our hospital was on leave today, so she had asked my wife to consult you. You don’t have to feel guilty about this ma’am; Infact, I owe you one for saving my wife’s life.”

“Thanks for understanding sir, but there was mistake on my side too.”

“It’s okay, it’s all over now!” Kane gave a fake chuckle.

As they entered, he saw his unconscious wife who was five months pregnant, lying on the bed. She was exhausted, pale and beaten up. There were bandages and plaster at some places, especially on her forehead.

“Well sir, this is the MRI scan of her brain. Thankfully, there is no brain damage either,” she showed the X-rays to him.

“But we checked her brain waves. They are slightly abnormal though.”

“No, she was already diagnosed for having hypertension. But she is recovering.”

“Fine sir, no problem. Feel blessed that she is actually fine. Poor she; doesn’t deserve this.”

Kane hung his head down for a moment. He just heard, but never saw it. What if he had actually seen her getting beaten?

“And I was just checking the ultra sound. I haven’t completed it yet.”

“Would you like me to stay out?”

“No sir, you can just stay by her side.”

“Oh, thank you very much. I want to be with her after what all happened.”

“Definitely! Just sit on the chair beside her.”

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Been a while since I posted here, I had nothing to show though, or in progress.

Snippet of chapter 4 of Digital [R]eincarnation.


Robin knew what she’d been about to see, but still it hadn’t been any easier even knowing.

In a corner of the place the trio had been fighting, she spotted 2B, she was kneeling, holding her white blade tightly in her hands, and at her feet, there was 9S, lying in a pool of his own blood, dead from having been stabbed through his chest.

The former human didn’t need to ask to know what happened, she knew, because this had been her true mission.

Slowly, she approached the white haired woman, her heart ached at the sight, an unfamiliar feeling, but her emotionless mask held in place.

“This had to be my mission.” she just commented.

2B turned towards her, raising herself from her kneeling position to face her. “I promised him I wouldn’t let any other Executioner kill him.”

And by him, she meant a previous 9S, the very first one she met. “I promised I wouldn’t let him suffer.”

“I see…” Robin just replied. “This does not change my objective though.”

2B just nodded, raising a hand, she took off her blindfold, a somber expression of acceptance in her eyes. “I know.”

The other woman’s blue eyes bore deep into her own, even if they were covered. “Is it true though?”

Robin frowned at her, her silence urging her to continue.

“Is it true what 9S said? Are you truly a human?” Robin did not like the way her blue eyes were so hopeful and expectant towards her, they made her uncomfortable.

“Not anymore, I’m afraid.” and she wasn’t, she did not consider herself a human anymore, it passed enough time for her to even consider herself as one.

Not that she’d ever been considered a human before, just a tool to be used, or something to be eliminated. Was this any different anyways?

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Welcome 2022!

The New Year is in, so let's kick it off with a bang by relaunching WIP Wednesdays and Six Sentence Saturdays. I'm really excited to see what everyone comes up with!

We've got new graphics for our events for you to use in your tumblr posts / blogs etc that you can resize as needed for your tumblr posts. 

Don't forget to tag your tumblr posts with #artistzoneforum 

Best of Luck everyone!



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This is from the same one-shot I have been writing for almost two-weeks. This crossed around 12k words unexpectedly.


“Please, leave me! This my last request.”

He quickly pulled her into an embrace. His hands got a firm grasp of her shoulders and nape.

“Didn’t you feel like being loved even after I started to help you? Didn’t you feel like you were needed whenever I approached you and called you several times over the phone? Weren’t there times I had to ask you for help as well? Don’t you feel the warmth of getting hugged? Don’t you recognize my feelings even after I’ve done so much for you? Wouldn’t it be far more worthless and futile if I helped you for nothing? Tell me Katsumi. Have you ever noticed my feelings? Aren’t you feeling loved at this moment?”

Both of them were getting heavily drenched. Their clothes got a bit heavier. Katsumi was absolutely speechless. She was just shocked. Infact, she was far more shocked than she was ever in her entire lifetime. She felt his heart pacing up when he confessed her.

“If you can’t debunk this, then accept whatever I’ve confessed to you.”

He felt her sobbing on his chest and clenching his shirt softly. He embraced her tighter.

“You know? I have fallen for you on the day when I came for the check-up. No one has ever been that polite and gentle with me, but you. I-I-I’ve always thought that the rich can help the poor, but not beyond that.”

“Why? Tell me why so? We all are human beings. Your position does nothing to your feelings. Did it stop you from loving me?”

“No, it didn’t.”

“So what, I am not a spoilt rich kid! I am just a rich kid, that’s it!”

He rubbed her from the nape to her back gently. He gave her all which she missed in her life.

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From Digital [R]eincarnation chapter 7, fresh from last night.


Robin had killed many androids during these past years, but never she had seen such a reaction. There had been anger towards her, scorn, fear, terror, but never she had ever see anyone cry with so much sadness.

Those eyes spoke of someone that did not want to die, while everyone else in their own way had shown acceptance towards it.

That A2 still had something she wanted to prove to the world before she went, despite how hard surviving was in a world that didn’t want you. Robin could swear she could feel something tugging at her chest at the realization.

She swore she knew that look in someone’s eyes, and it was not because of the similarities she shared with 2B.

Her mind flashed the image of a young child, a child whose dreams had been shattered, a child that much like A2 everyone wanted gone. That child was her… that was the look her own eyes had carried for so long…

How could you forget about me?

She heard a voice, her own voice of her younger self, chastising, scolding, berating, judging her.

Shaking her head, she summoned Scarlet Despair, it didn’t matter in the end, a duty was duty, and she had to carry on with it like she always did. 

And yet… her hand shook…

How could you become so cruel?

Her own child self chimed in again, Robin closed her eyes and swallowed the lump in her throat. She’s always been cruel…

But why wasn’t she able to just impale this woman like she’s done to many other YoRHas? She was even more of a stranger than the others.

She’s just like us! Have you forgotten all we went through?

She hadn’t, she swore she hadn’t. As an android she could not even forget even if she wanted, no matter how hard she tried.

That was why she couldn’t, she couldn’t finish off this helpless android that much like her had fought so hard to keep living against everything.

She knew that killing her would kill herself and everything her human self ever believed in…

It would mean to get rid of her very last shred of humanity left in her.

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Been a while since I posted in this thread XD 

Another little snippet of a scene from Battle Cry of the Sunbird, starring another, more grumpy, bird on a mission in the underworld. 


A beautiful melody rippled through the air as he wandered the castle halls, feeling the servants’ stares on him. From his dark mahogany hair to his face, then to his wings. Those wings of his, he had cursed them so many times. For a man like himself who did not see much fun in it, mating season was an eternal pain. An endless mess of ignoring frustrated birds.

Ikarus let out a quiet sigh, hearing the music more clearly with each step he took, as he finally reached the heart of the castle’s first floor. The whole time he had been trying to ignore the humming behind himself, however as he rested his hand on the handle, he could not any longer. Clenching his fist he turned around, voice calm as always but eyes blazing as they settled on the woman. “Can you please stop?” 

“Stop what?” the fiend practically sang, twirling her red ponytail. Her stubby demonic tail twirled with it. 

Discipline, he reminded himself. No matter how much she irritated him, a prince and army commander should not attempt to throw a woman through a second storey window. “Why are you still here?” 

“Asking for a raise, modern humans are a pain in the ass to deal with.” She shrugged and kicked the door. It did not budge. Ikarus stared at her. “... Alright, I’ll open it the old fashioned way.” 

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It's been a while since I posted in here too. Part of the start of ch 14 of my Digimon OC fic ^_^


“Very well done,” Clockmon said as he stopped his reverse time spell. “I must say I was not expecting such an attack, either. The both of you were slow and disorganized at first. But I saw firsthand the powers each of you possesses when you learn to work together. You two certainly achieved many things a lot faster than the Virtue Chosen.”

The praise from the normally solemn and level-headed Machine Digimon was rather surprising, considering how judgemental he was earlier. Both Digimon bowed to the Adult Machine Digimon and Ultimate Fairy Digimon.

“Thank you. It has been an honour,” Examon said before he and Medieval Dukemon reverted back to their previous forms, returning to their partners’ sides.

“Does this mean we are ready to save Taichi and the others?” Dracomon asked the pair.

“Yes, I believe you are ready to head to the Digital World with your team,” Lotusmon said, but from what little features they were able to make out were not very comforting. “However, you must keep a few things in mind. There are many Digimon, including Wizarmon, held prisoner deep within the vampire’s damp, dark lair. There have been rumors that Vamdemon has been recruiting Megalo Growmon to guard his prisoners and surrounding domain, but they should be a piece of cake to take out now that you both have Ultimates on your side.”

“As of currently,” Clockmon spoke up, “Taichi and his friends are currently trapped in the Digital World, so it will be your mission to find a way in and get them and Wizarmon out.”

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I forgot to post this last night because I was so tired... but here was my WIP =) 

Part of a series of drabbles from Steph’s time in the Digital World. After activating her crest of Loyalty for the first time, Steph and Patamon are sucked through a gate and arrive in Odaiba where they hope to find Tai and bring him back to the Digiworld! @campdigimonth


Suddenly and without warning, the door swung open to reveal a small child with short brown hair. She looked up, her brown eyes widening in surprise that quickly morphed into excitement when she saw the Digimon in Steph’s arms.

“Oh wow! You have a Digimon too,” the girl exclaimed.

Steph blinked, then slowly looked down at the Digimon who grew suddenly very still in her arms.

“How do you know …” she began, then she stopped herself. She could figure out the details later. All that mattered now was finding their leader.

“Never mind,” she said. “Kari - did Tai come back from camp already?”

Kari inclined her head curiously.

“My brother …” she repeated slowly, and Steph felt her heart begin to sink. What if her theory had been wrong all along - what if Tai hadn’t made it through the gate the way she thought he had. What if she was stranded here in the Real World while all her friends remained in the Digital World.

Kari shifted, her hand still holding the edge of the door framed. “He’s right over there.” She stepped aside, opening the wider and allowing Steph a better view of the inside of the Kamiya apartment. Unable to help herself, Steph peered inside and caught a glimpse of messy brown hair sticking up from behind the sofa cushions.

“Taichi…” she murmured.

He sat up, craning his neck to look over the top of the couch, his brown eyes widening in surprise. A moment passed; then he was up, vaulting over the edge of the couch towards her, startling Kari, who jumped back in alarm.

He hugged her with enough force to knock the wind out of her, but Steph couldn’t care less. She’d done it, she realised with a mixture of triumph and relief; she’d found Tai, and if they could find a way back to the Digital World then maybe - just maybe, they could bring everyone back together again.

He pulled away, holding her at arms length and looking her up and down, like one might appraise a relative they hadn’t seen in a long time. Then he grinned - that carefree, cheeky grin of his she remembered so vividly.

“What’s with the tears?” he asked.

Steph laughed despite herself, wiping the tears from the corners of her eyes. “I’m just so glad to see you, Tai.”

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So, I forgot about Wednesday too. Oops.

My late piece. From my Pokemon fantasy. Currently in draft form and I will improve this later.


Lance found Chuck peering over the wall. The man was alone. 


Glancing over his shoulder, Chuck said, “Lance. You’re empty-handed.”

“As are you,” Lance remarked. He joined Chuck at the wall and looked ahead at the rugged terrain of tussock grass. It stretched towards the horizon. There were no places to hide. The enemy would approach them on flat open terrain. “At least we can see them coming from a distance,” he added. A slight advantage.

Chuck nodded. “A small ray of hope in a field of darkness.”

The calm before the storm. Blood would once again be spilled. Once again he would have to lead his people into death. Breaking the silence, Lane said, “Do you have any regrets?”

Raising an eyebrow, Chuck said, “About what?”

“Serving my family.” Lance turned his head to face him. “You served my grandfather for over a decade.”

“Your grandfather was a good man, Lance.”

“Do you really believe that?” Lance countered his brows furrowed. “His hatred of other races led to the necromancers seeking revenge. His own fear would’ve killed me – he never accepted what I was. He tried to conceal it. Contain it. Does that make him a good man?”

The older man sighed. “I didn’t agree with every decision your grandfather made, but everything he did, he did to protect our city.”


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  • darkened-storm changed the title to Work In Progress Wednesday's - Master List

It’s Spring Break in this chapter. The team have split for the week. Kai’s at hockey camp, Tala’s back home training up Kane and the others are in Ireland safe from the clutches of the evil and globophobic Vice Principal. So of course they’re going to do something stupid and inflammatory. 


Kai’s phone beeped repeatedly and he felt his ears burn as he grabbed for it. “Sorry, I had a group chat on mute. It must have ended.” 

Raul closed in beside him. “Your team group chat? It sounds chaotic.” 

That was one word to describe it. He closed his eyes and then pulled out his phone, opening the chat app. 126 unread messages. Maybe he could just delete the whole chat—if he left Miyami would just re-add him. But would that clear the chat history? 

Ozuma: I’m sorry. I tried to stop them. 

The words snagged his gaze and Kai frantically scrolled up. 

Kane: Not one brain cell between them.

Tala: It’s not that bad.

Dicey Rileys posted a video. 

Kai released a breath. Not good. That wasn’t just Miyami videoing them, that was a social media page that went out to the public. What had they done?

“You look annoyed, Hiwatari,” Garland drawled, rubbing chalk against the cue stick. 

“I’m not annoyed.” Resigned, accepting of the inevitable, sure, but annoyed? Well, that would be pointless. He knew his team. They’d been sent out into the world unsupervised, of course, something went wrong. 

Sucking in a breath, he opened the video. It was dark and a little blurry—clearly a pub and while not packed, it was popular. A guitar began to strum off screen and a rough voice, one that he recognised as Johnny, began to sing about buying balloons in a little toy shop. 

His stomach sank and quivered, and something tickled in his throat as “99 red balloons go by” lingered in the air. Drums pounded and the shaky camera zoomed in on a group of teens head banging and jumping to the riotous chorus.

His team were idiots.

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From my Assassin's Creed story released way back in 2015. I'm still quite proud of this scene to this day.


“Any last words?”

“You might’ve won this battle, but you haven’t won the war,” Bloody Nora said, the edges of her mouth curving upwards into a smirk. “Despite your efforts here today, the world will continue to change, Assassin. People evolve. Society evolves with us. Change is inevitable. Our Order will survive. Your refusal to accept that is impressive, but it will be your end. You want to be remembered as a hero, but you’ll be remembered for what you truly are – a villain.” 

He pushed harder. Blood seeped through the wound. Clenching his jaw, he said, “I’m no villain.” 

A sardonic laugh escaped her throat, her dark eyes alive with mirth. “You can’t be both. You can justify your actions all you want, but the truth is you’re just as depraved as I am… or perhaps worse.” There it was again. That triumphant smirk. “People have died under your rule. People have suffered under your leadership. Does that not make you guilty of the same crimes you accuse me of, Jacob Frye?” 

“Do not put our names in the same sentence because you and I are nothing alike,” he snarled.

“There’s a place for people like you and me. It’s called Hell. We’ll meet again there very soon.”

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Start of ch 15. :D


Hikaru stopped when Miyuki nudged him and he glanced over to his right when Miyuki said that they had unexpected visitors. He had been going to reply with “Of course we do, we’re in their territory.” but chose not to as the higher priority was working together to beat them.

The opponent Digimon snickered at them before running off down the hallway they were walking down.

“Or not… That was odd, to say the least.” Miyuki noted, puzzled as to why the Digimon hadn’t wanted to challenge them to battle.

Examon watched for a moment longer. “Probably didn’t want to fight us, because we are Ultimate levels. It knew it wouldn’t have stood a chance against us as it was an Adult.”

Miyuki nodded in silence as she continued walking with Hikaru. “Okay, so where is this room? We’re so bloody lost right now. Does the Digivice have a GPS?”

The pair wandered down the hallway and checked any side rooms they encountered, looking for any sign of the other Chosen team. After the earlier appearance of the Adult level who didn’t challenge them, which Miyuki still thought was odd, there seemed to be no other meetings with rogue Digimon.

“The whole castle can not be empty, surely?” Miyuki asked Hikaru, turning her head slightly in his direction.

Hikaru shook his head. “I doubt that it’s empty; more we’re just having very good luck so far in not running into anything. Other than that Adult, but it doesn’t count so.”

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I know it's Thursday here. Damn, I missed it, but I hope it's okay? Okay this snippet is taken from my ongoing Jujutsu Kaisen medieval A.U.


“That’s the room of Fushiguro-Kun; is he awake?”

Nobara approached the chamber and saw a tall, jet-black-haired warrior facing the view of Shibuya from the windows. He was dressed in a loose navy blue Kimono, which blended with the nocturnal sky.

“Kugisaki, is that you?” he asked in a low-toned voice.

“How did you know that it was me? You didn’t see me either.”

“I just sensed a door opening around fifty meters away. That’s exactly where your chamber is located, Kugisaki.”

“You are so sharp, prince Fushiguro.”

Megumi chuckled and responded, “All the doors were locked when I returned from treatment except two chambers. One was yours and the other’s was Junpei’s.”


“Why are you standing there? You are free to come here.”

“Aah, I thought I interrupted your privacy so-”

“No…. though I fought really hard today, I don’t feel like taking a slumber.”

There was an awkward silence. Nobara approached Megumi and stood beside him. She looked extremely short when she stood by.

“Well, shall I know the reason for your stroll?”

“I don’t feel sleepy either. I just left Miwa to sleep. My hair hasn’t dried as well.”

“I see.”

“Prince Fushiguro, why didn’t you go with Junpei and Yuji?”

“I was in treatment; it took me a while for it. Also, I wanted to be alone this night. I promised that I would talk to them when dawn approaches. Well, do you think I am the person to have a sleepover with them?”

Nobara couldn’t control her laughter. Megumi is the most reserved out of the three, so he prefers to be alone. She understands that well.

“Don’t take me wrong for this… but I know what it is to lose someone very precious to you. I assume that you are still mourning over your father’s death.”

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My WIP from Wednesday, late as usual

I have submitted the full piece in my feedback thread because basically it's too long for here. From my Digimon One Shot


She glanced back toward the campsite where the others had gathered kindling for a fire. She heard Tai’s voice call out to Agumon, and the small dinosaur Digimon opened his mouth, letting out a jet of fire that set not only the bundle of logs and twigs alight, but also some of the surrounding grass. 
She saw a flash of irritation cross Matt’s face at Agumon’s carelessness - it had been a wayward spark from Tai’s campfire earlier that had made Seadramon attack them earlier. With a tsk of annoyance, he turned away and stretched out against the grass, folding his hands behind his head. 
“We’re not that far away,” he insisted as Steph watched Tai hastily stamp out the grass. “Besides, Gabumon’s watching - if there’s any trouble he can just Digivolve to Garurumon.” 
Steph wanted to argue that just because his partner could Digivolve now, that didn’t mean they should take unnecessary risks but then she remembered that heading back to the campsite would mean she’d have to apologise to her cousin. 
“Just a little longer then,” she conceded, ignoring the slight dampness of the ground as she stretched out beside him and cast her eyes back up at the stars again, thinking back to the many nights she and Becky had done the same on the rooftop of their apartment building. The artificial lights of Tokyo’s skyline had drowned out all but the brightest stars then but here, in the wilderness of the Digital World, the stars lit up the sky like a kaleidoscope. 
“I keep studying the constellations,” she told him. “I thought if I could identify one or two of them, I might be able to figure out where we are - or at least get some idea of how much time has passed since we got here.” 
“Any luck?”
She shook her head, forgetting that he couldn’t see her face. “Not yet,” she admitted. “I don’t recognise a single one of these constellations - which is weird because constellations are made up of stars that are a million light years away. Even if we were on another planet in the galaxy, they would still appear in the same patterns as they would on Earth. Unless of course we were in another galaxy, but that’s just crazy talk…”
She trailed off, acutely aware that she was rambling, which she knew was one of her less endearing qualities. Usually, when she rambled, Tai would tell her that she was being weird again and Becky would complain that she was over complicating things. 
Matt did neither of those things, ** but instead had let her ramble until she’d simply run out of words to say and silence fell over them both. When she turned her head to look at him she saw that he lay unmoving beside her, looking up at the stars. It wasn’t an uncomfortable silence, Steph realised, but rather a contented  one. She felt better having gotten things off her chest, even if she hadn’t expected to unload those feelings on someone who was basically a stranger to her. ***

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Start of ch 16


Examon and Medieval Dukemon charge towards Vamdemon, with the intention of fighting and beating him. Vamdemon merely stood where he was for a moment, mocking, watching them come for him. After a long moment, he reacted by raising his hands. Red energy whips burst forth and he directed them at the two newly evolved Ultimates.

“You are forgetting your place in this world. I have far more experience as a Perfect because I am older. Kneel before your elder.” Vamdemon declared, bringing Bloody Stream down on their heads again.

The Royal Knight and Dukemon variant felt the sheer strength behind the whip-like attacks. They felt their energy starting to slowly wane, but they weren’t going to give up just yet.

Examon hefted up his weapon and fired a high powered laser from Ambrosius. At the same time, Medieval Dukemon swung her lance as she tried to at least injure Vamdemon. Expecting to at least get a scratch on the vampire, Medieval Dukemon was caught off-guard when he did not sustain any wounds whatsoever.

Well, um… This was going to change things. Medieval Dukemon thought as she stepped back, bringing her axe closer to herself. How were they going to win?

Examon tried again, but his attack was blocked by Vamdemon who countered first by crossing his arms in a cross formation. Then he unleashed Bloody Stream on their heads once more and that was the tipping point. Both Ultimate levels let out a pained groan as they devolved back to Child.

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5 minutes ago, Wizarmonfan said:


Examon tried again, but his attack was blocked by Vamdemon who countered first by crossing his arms in an x formation. Then he unleashed Bloody Stream on their heads once more and that was the tipping point. Both Ultimate levels let out a pained groan as they devolved back to Child.

I would change x formation to cross formation :) 

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It's Wednesday and that means story sharing time! Corny time! Woot! This is an unedited scene and will probably get some revision done at a later time. 

Title - A Crown of Thorns (an original fantasy disguised as a pokemon fanfiction)


He left his sentence unfinished and looked aside, looking at the helpless once more. All these people left homeless because of his actions. “…Then I take the fall. He wants me in exchange for his grandson’s life. If I turn myself over then you can all live.”

She shook her head. “No. Don’t say that. Just don’t.”

“We need to be realistic here, Lyra. I won’t risk having you all die too.”

Curling her bottom lip, she said, “And you think we would just abandon you?”

“If I gave you the order to leave, would you?”

She held back a curt laugh. “You’re really asking me that? No. I wouldn’t. You almost died before – seeing you on that table dying of poison…” Her lower lip trembled as she drew in a deep breath to steady herself. “I don’t want to live in a world without you. You gave me a better life. And if today is our last day… I’d rather leave it with you than without.”


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