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Work In Progress Wednesday's - Master List

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Welcome to Work In Progress Wednesday's - a place for all of us to share a small segment or screenshot of whatever it is we are working on this week. We'd love to see your work here, and shared on the forum Tumblr!


- Written entries must be no more than 300 words

- Art entries must reference any source works 

Also, it is not required, but we would appreciate if you would drop the previous posters of the week with a reaction or a nice comment prior to posting your own work. 


Can't wait to see what you all come up with!

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There was silence for a couple of moments, before Miyuki and Hikaru shared a glance. “What do you think, Hikaru?” The one-eyed girl had begun thinking of a plan, but didn’t know who their next opponent would be. She figured they needed to start planning now so they had an advantage.

Miyuki observed Hikaru mull over his thoughts, before he spoke. “We should probably investigate to see if MetalGreymon Alterous had a hideout. If he did, we can search it for anything he left behind. Like notes or whatever.”

Miyuki nodded. “Good idea.” She paused to look at her Digimon. “Are you okay, Dracomon?” Miyuki noticed that he was oddly quiet and was fidgeting for some reason. Why was he so quiet? What was wrong?

Dracomon hesitated, before swallowing. “… He was my teacher.”

“Who?” Miyuki asked, confused by the comment.

“MetalGreymon Alterous was my teacher. I was his student.”

Well, that was a thing. Miyuki stared at Dracomon in shock, before her eye moved to Hikaru. She saw that he was just as surprised. “I was not expecting that. That’s definitely news to me.” Miyuki honestly couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

Dracomon launched into a tale of various stories that told of the relationship between MetalGreymon and himself. From what Dracomon was saying, the Perfect level was quite a benevolent Digimon, always helping others in need. Miyuki was brought to tears from her Digimon partner’s stories. She glanced at Hikaru and saw he was shaking from repressed crying.

(the beginning of ch 11)

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Cloud never asked for friends. When he was twelve, he went through a phase where he declared himself an island that needed nobody. His twelve-year-old self had been smart. But then high school began, a bigger population of students in the city of Midgar and before he knew it, he’d contracted friends. First Zack and then Biggs and co, Aerith… far too damn many of them. And they always wanted to talk, he thought with a sigh, slumping in his chair and pushing the chicken parm around his plate.

“Are you ignoring me?” Aerith demanded from across the table as she studied him over her own meal.


Suppressing her annoyance, Aerith shot him a pointed look. “If you don’t make a move, then you’re going to miss out. Is that what you want? Right now someone could be—”


“Cloud, if you don’t ask her—“

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Okay, well I do. I would like to know whether or not you’re going to ask Tifa—“

He glowered at her and she broke off with a bad tempered pout. This was the problem with friends. They always felt like they had a say in his life choices. And no amount of him telling them different, seemed to sway them.

(from my little three shot? idea for Final Fantasy VII AU)

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Tiny bit from the beginning of chapter 3 of Sing to the Moon, also because I don't have much of anything that isn't complete. ^^"


The next morning came earlier than Lilith would have liked, and from the noise she was hearing downstairs she assumed the rest were already up, no one came to wake her up she noticed, she didn’t know if they forgot or if it was out of courtesy.

And she didn’t feel like asking, she just hoped they left her something to eat.

Shrugging her jacket back on she made her way downstairs, confirming that indeed there was a plate left for her of what was the remains of last night.

“Good morning!” Brick’s booming voice was the first to greet her, and she found out that she got used to his louder tone, well good, considering she could be staying with them for a while.

“You looked tired yesterday, we didn’t feel like waking you up.” Roland explained to her offering the plate of leftovers as she sat.

“Thanks.” she just replied to both him and his question.

“Did you sleep well?” she nodded to Brick, she was almost starting to like this guy, at least he was respectful, and he seemed genuine enough in showing interest in her wellbeing.

Silence fell save for the noises of her eating and Mordecai’s bird cleaning its feathers. That was until Roland decided to inform them of something.

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From a Pokemon story that was supposed to be done in 2019...


Morty really didn’t understand the fascination with Christmas. To him, it was just another day. But for everyone else, it was something to be celebrated. People would decorate their houses with colourful flashy lights and purchase plastic trees from their local department stores. People would spend hours making their trees look pretty, as if there was competition for the best-decorated tree. But it didn’t end with decorating trees and houses. No, people would spend hundreds of dollars on presents for other people.

What was the point? It was times like these he really didn’t feel connected with the rest of society. Halloween was his favourite day of the year. The day of the spirits. Of course, the day’s purposes had changed throughout the decades. Their ancestors feared ghosts. They dressed in costumes thinking it would ward off the spirits. Nowadays, people dressed in costumes for fun.

“Seriously, Morty. You must come to the Christmas party. Blue Oak throws the best parties,” Whitney said with a frown. She was sitting opposite to him at the local café. “It’ll be fun, I promise.”

Ah yes, Blue Oak, the former Champion. The man who was drawn to parties like flies to sugar. Born into fame and glory with a fan club so big, not even the biggest movie actors in the world could compare. Morty sighed, leaning back in his chair, frowning. “You know I don’t like parties. It’s a waste of time. It’s noisy. It’s too bright. And the music. Terrible stuff.”

“You are coming to the party. You need to get out more.”

“I do go out.”

“Hanging out at the local cemetery doesn’t count, Morty.”

Folding his arms, he frowned. “I do more than just that. I visit the Bell Tower and the Burned Tower. I go for peaceful walks in the forest. I watch the shows at the local dance hall. See? I do go out."

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On 10/7/2021 at 5:36 AM, Zadien said:

He glowered at her and she broke off with a bad tempered pout. This was the problem with friends. They always felt like they had a say in his life choices. And no amount of him telling them different, seemed to sway them.

(from my little three shot? idea for Final Fantasy VII AU)

Poor Cloud! He didn't ask for anyone's opinion, why don't they just leave him well enough alone!  I like this little insight into his thinking! Also, I love how I can just feel Aerith's frustrations with him to just bite the bullet!


On 10/7/2021 at 10:37 AM, AquilaTempestas said:

“Hanging out at the local cemetery doesn’t count, Morty.”

Poor Morty! He's a sensitive soul, and he really doesn't have time for all this partying hoo-hah. Maybe him and the Grinch should get together and steal Christmas! 

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I'm a little shy to show this but here's what I've been up to in my newest chapter of Insatiable, a Monster Hunter World story.

At the break of dawn, the thick, gray clouds cloaked over the New World, an omen of evil as some would believe it. Hunters clamored around the Council Table with worried and panic-stricken faces, each man and woman expressed fear or uncertainty. The Council stood in front of the sea of eyes staring back at them, eager for answers to this morning’s gruesome discovery. The Huntsman drew in a long, deep breath and pushed off his rickety stool. It creaked.

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This weeks, from my Digimon Tri fanfic


Then, as suddenly as it appeared, the portal was gone, leaving the Kuwagamon nowhere to be found. “It just disappeared,” Becky exclaimed, jumping to her feet. “What was that?”

“I don’t know,” Steph muttered. She reached for her phone and dialled Tai’s number. The call rang out without an answer - he was probably warming up for the match already, she realised. Hastily, she tried Matt’s number instead. This time, her phone beeped twice in protest and cancelled the call.

Confused, she glanced at the screen. “I don’t have any service,” she muttered.

“Me either,” Becky said, looking at her phone. There was a hint of panic in her voice now.

“Miss Summers? Miss Carter?”

Steph looked up from her phone at the sound of her name being called. Amidst the commotion, a woman had approached their table. She looked the girls up and down, as though she was appraising them. She appeared completely disinterested in the commotion from the street below.

Silently motioning for Becky to remain quiet, Steph eyed the woman suspiciously. “Yes?”

“My name is Agent Himekawa,” the woman introduced herself quickly, jabbing her finger towards the badge pinned to the breast pocket of her blazer. “I work for the National Data Processing Bureau. There is a situation unfolding - one I know the two of you are familiar with.”

Warily, the two girls exchanged a look. What on earth was the Data Processing Bureau - and how did they know about the Digimon?

Sensing their suspicion, the woman paused, choosing her next words carefully. “We need your help.”

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1 minute ago, Zadien said:

“So a little birdie told me you asked out Tifa.” 

Cloud wasn’t sure what he’d done to deserve this torture. He stood with his back to the wall, eyeing the locked door with fervent desire and ignored his two prison guards happily sprawled at individual desks around the classroom. His policy of remaining silent and ignoring them hadn’t worked so far but he still had hope. 

“Oh?” Zack leaned back against the desk, hands braced behind his head, elbows wide. “Is your bird also known as the great ninja bird?” 

Jessie lifted a finger in acknowledgement. “More often known as the single white rose.” 

“Great bird,” Zack enthused. “Very observant. Never misses a thing.” 

“Always ready to tweet and twitter in your ear.” 

Cloud was going to kill Yuffie. 


This is really fun! I’ve been meaning to read your fic, but from the snippets I’ve seen of it, it’s something that I think I would really enjoy reading! Poor Cloud is suffering XD


The Composer laughed. “You really underestimate people a lot, don’t you? As much as you go on about people understanding nothing, well…” With a snap of his fingers, the ropes of light tightened around Ansem, constricting him, digging deeper and deeper into his skin. 

“I think you’re the one who understands nothing.” 

And the man vanished in a flash of darkness. And out of that darkness fell an unconscious young teen with silver hair. 

The Composer lifted the boy up with his powers. “There we go, problems solved! All in a day's work, huh Megumi?”

Megumi smiled. “Of course, sir. And I assume that that’s Riku? How is he related to the man you called Ansem?” 

The Composer looked out across the empty ocean. “Ansem was hardly a man. He was only a pure amalgamation of darkness, but he was a powerful one. It seemed that our dear Riku here was a prime candidate for possession.”

Megumi frowned. “If Ansem is purely darkness, then that means that he’s not truly gone, is he?” 

“Unfortunately, no. I simply returned to Riku the body that was his, which in turn was able to act as a magnet to regain his wandering heart and soul. Either way, I’m not actually able to destroy Ansem. There are very few things that can, but at the moment, there are none that exist in the Realm of Light. But as long as he doesn’t find another person to possess soon, and as long as our newest Player can survive the game…” 

“Then we can have hope.”

“Exactly! Now you’ve got it.”

(From my new KH x TWEWY crossover fic that I’ve been working on!)

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Took me forever to find something that wasn't a gift, kept under wraps for reasons and uh... hahah. yes. so a bit of my ToG/Pokemon Rejuv crossover it is!



The laboratory is noisy. Not in a way that people are talking, but many soft cries from monsters - like him - pocket monsters come from one side and machines come from the other. It’s a dull roar but it’s enough, multiple voices calling your name, calling for love. Calling to be set free free free -

Bam focuses on the blonde man and the screen and how it clicks off so quickly. How he rushes around to get him started, how…


There’d been someone blonde and eager once, but that person spoke of stars lovingly. 

Bam thinks that he’s going to be sick.

He swallows it and goes to look at the pokemon instead. The grass pokemon waddle around him, waving and chirping eagerly. For a moment, he considers the bird, round and chirping and happily waddling around his toes. But then he gently ushers them away. None of them are right.

He scoots towards the lava area, fire fire, burning. Bam hesitates here, at the feeling of warmth at his hands - vague flashes of always feeling so, so cold - but then they jostle and bicker, their chirping cries and arguments as a rabbit chases a ferret and a lizard pouts, waving its burning tail. A shy little orange pig oinks and he pets them. 

“Sorry,” he says, pausing only to consider the little baby chicken. “But not yet.”



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From a Smite one shot I have had lying around for like two years, and that hopefully sometime I will pick up again.


Skadi had been walking for what felt like an eternity to both of them, her legs shaking under her as she bled from her abdomen, staining her clothes of a deep red. The wound ended up being much worse than what she thought it would be, but she’d be damned if she allowed that poor excuse of a God to see her bleed out where he had left her… she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction.


She kept going until her legs completely gave out on her, and she fell on the ground with a grunt, her hands slipping away from her spear, flailing to cover her abdomen as it throbbed and bled through her fingers. For a moment she was glad that her weapon simply dissolved in thin ice, better than impaling herself with it at least, as if what happened before hadn’t been enough already.


Kaldr whined beside her, worried, perhaps even scared, he was a wolf, but by no means he was stupid, he knew what was happening as much as she did. Still, she had to do her best to ease his worries, for what she could.


“It’s okay…” she whispered, moving to weakly stroke his muzzle. “I just need to rest…” she said, managing to move on one side and dragging herself towards the nearest tree, so she could lean against it.


She felt Kaldr nudge her, helping her move forward while at the same time trying to not cause her more pain than what she was already feeling, it felt as if her wound was splitting itself over and over again the more she moved.

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Part of Shattered Memories, only scene written between these two so far (taking place chronically before Memories and being a kinda 'flashback') but looking forward to writing more as it's not a dynamic like any other characters


“Isn’t it blasphemy to speak of our prince like that?” she whispered, seeing his expression change in his reflection. Although the villagers called him a thug, she had forever seen differently. A thug would not look at her with that face, his brow furrowed and eyes soft. 

His voice was a murmur as he spoke, however she could hear that familiar growl to it. “Who cares if he’s a prince? That bastard has no right to treat you like that. All he does… All he does is make you cry, why do you put up with that?” She looked away from their reflections to face him, watching him clench his teeth.  She did not need to look at his fists to know what he was thinking, his voice raising in volume. “I don’t understand it at all, why don’t you hate him?  Why can you still defend him?”

Gazing at him, she opened her mouth before shaking her head.  “Tsu… I don’t know why I can’t hate him, I wish I could... But you don’t understand, I’m not…” She exhaled. “I know what he did, I know it was wrong, I’m not defending him.” A smile trembled on her lips. “You should have seen the mark I left on his face… I’m not some little girl, Tsu. I know we both made mistakes, so I’m giving him the chance to make amends. I’ve not forgiven him yet.”

He regarded her quietly before turning his attention to their reflections. He ran his hand through the water, watching it frost over.  “Blair… He’s just going to hurt you again. Why give him another chance? All he does…” A soft sigh left his lips. “I know you’re not a ‘little girl’, we’re not children anymore. But if he hurts you again, there won’t be a third time.”

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“What, Plotmon? I said no offence to you guys.” Miyuki listened to Hikaru try to explain to his partner.

Miyuki mentally facepalmed and settled for just shaking her head at her friend, before Plotmon X went off on her Chosen.

“Doesn’t matter!” She snapped back. “You insulted us regardless. Apologize.”

She watched Hikaru sigh and take his time for a few moments, as if wondering whether to really apologize or not. Miyuki observed as Plotmon seemed to sense his reluctance and bit his ankle to force an apology out of him.

“I said apologize!” Plotmon barked, keeping her teeth near Hikaru’s foot. Miyuki had to clamp a hand over her mouth to not laugh, but the muffled sound was still heard. Hikaru simply looked at her and exhaled, knowing he had been beaten through actions.

“Okay, okay. I’m sorry, Plotmon. I really did not mean to offend you at all.”

Plotmon X gave him a hard stare, Miyuki noticed, as if the Child Digimon was determining if the apology held up in her eyes. Finally, Plotmon simply nodded her head and looked away from Hikaru, seeming satisfied with her partner’s words.

Bringing her hand away from her mouth, Miyuki spoke. “You won’t want to do that again. Just because our partners are Chosen Digimon doesn’t mean they have to forgive what we do every time.”

“I know. Don’t rub it in, Miyuki. I said sorry.” Hikaru replied, his shoulders slumping.

Miyuki placed a hand on his shoulder. “It’s all good.”

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The start of ch 12

Miyuki was still in awe of the massive structure, even when she was already inside it. Tokyo Tower was, and always would be, Odaiba's greatest landmark because of how tall it was. In the year she had been in the district, she'd learned from school that it was based off of the Eiffel Tower in France. She had never imagined that it would have been built with an elevator system, though. That alone blew her mind and she was grateful for the architects' generosity.

This is really amazing… Miyuki thought to herself as she hugged Dracomon, trying to comfort him.

Dracomon sniffled, before turning a little to Miyuki. “Thanks for the comfort, Miyuki. I’m going to miss him.” He used a clawed hand to wipe the tears away and shuffled away from his partner, glancing at the note every now and then. The small dragon wished things had been different.

Miyuki finally got to her feet again and wandered back to the pinboards, her eye wandering over the remaining note on the board they hadn’t gone near yet. She discovered the note had a list of names on it that she didn’t recognize.

“They must be the names of the other Chosen children…” Miyuki murmured under her breath as she studied the names to memorize them. She took the note down off of the board and went back to Hikaru to show him the list.

“Hmm?” Hikaru made an inquiring noise as Miyuki came over to him. “Ah, their names.”

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Snippet for chapter 3 of the fic, "Shadow for the light". A Jujutsu Kaisen fic. I have posted one from the same chapter previously but now its another one.



Soon, the three beats of a big drum was heard all over the kingdom. Gojo and Utahime dismantled from their position and got up. They were extremely shocked for a moment.

“It’s an emergency…  Our Kingdom should be under danger.”

“Let’s go to the royal court, right now.”

They heard a few people hurriedly knocking their main door. Gojo immediately went downstairs and opened the door. He saw a group of maidens and some of their children fretted. Few were wounded as well.

“What’s happening in our kingdom?”

“Satoru-san…. Some of the Sapporo men have to come to Kanto. They attacked our court when everyone was sleeping. Please Satoru-san, do help-”

“Enough, I will handle the rest. You all can stay here when I would be in court.”

Utahime was already prepared to fight with her bow and arrows. She was dressed in a white kunoichi outfit. Her face was hidden with only her eyes being revealed. She wore a high bun with minimal or no accessories.

“Let’s go, my lord. Hip pains don’t matter to me. When it comes to protecting our citizens, Utahime will do it with all her heart. I can be a forty year old woman, but age keeps increasing, but so does my fighting skills and experience.”

Gojo smirked and said, “Well then, let’s get going.”

Utahime nodded her head. “We have our children upstairs. Please take care of them. And there are children all alone in our educational institute just beside our home. Please do take care of them.”

“Sure, lady Utahime, this is all we can do in return.”

Utahime thanked them and left to the royal capital on her stallion. Gojo was still there.

“Aren’t you going to the royal capital Satoru-san?” another maid asked him.

Gojo didn't bother to reply. He immediately went inside.

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Ending the call, Tyson strode up the hill, intending to jump in the shower for a brisk wash under freezing water. However, as he entered his home via the backdoor, he caught sight of Hitoshi hunched over a book at the breakfast nook, frantically scribbling notes on an A4 legal pad. Toeing off his sneakers, Tyson snuck closer, rising on his tiptoes to peer over his brother’s shoulders.

Darting forward, he snatched the thick text out from under Hitoshi’s nose and skipped back.

“Tyson, give it back!”

“This looks way too complicated for you, ‘Toshi.”

“Well, then it’s going to be ten times too difficult for your pea brain to comprehend.”

Tyson snickered and angled the book to study the contents. The words registered and his smile slid off his face. “A uni course?”

Hitoshi shrugged, sipping his coffee. “Why not? It’s not like I’m going back to the AHL. Gotta think about my future.”

Tyson’s stomach dropped. No Hitoshi next year? Obviously, Tyson would go to the Varsity team so Nicolai would take over coaching him, but it seemed wrong to not see Hitoshi in the rink, to hear his dry attempts at encouragement.

“Yeah, but…” He scanned the page again, noting the careers section at the bottom. “A PE teacher?”

Grimacing, Hitoshi studied the view outside the window where tulips bloomed, bright pops of reds and yellows against the delicate purple crocuses. “It’s an option. There are others. It’s not set in stone. I’m still looking into it. I deferred my previous course and with what I’m doing with Nicolai, it just makes sense. I enjoy coaching, it’s been… interesting.” 

From the next chapter of SLTS.

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Scene from the second arc of Shattered . Everything else will need redrafting but I don't think I'll even change this scene, I like it too much XD 




“C-Can I hug you?” She stared at him flustered. “A-As friends, I mean.” 

She managed a smile. “It isn’t sappy if you say ‘no hetero’ first, right?” He tilted his head. “S-Sorry, bad joke.” 

Mikhail and Yuma passed by the open bedroom door as the two teens hugged. Mikhail did a double take and looked through, unnoticed, before taking a deep breath and mumbling. “Yuma, does Tsukiko still have his punching bag?” 

Yuma followed his gaze and his eyebrows shot up before he giggled. “Oh dear. Why do you look so upset, Mike?” 

“I have an incredible urge to punch something, sorry,” Mikhail grumbled, however Yuma responded to his anger with a snort, dragging him away from the door before the oblivious teenagers could see them. 

“Leave her father to be the protective one, hm? You were the one teasing her before.” The older man put on a playful smirk, watching his expression turn uncomfortable. “Or are you just jealous your niece has a better love life than you?” 

Rosa and Black were dragged out of an awkward silence by the sound of something hitting the ground. They scurried out to look in the hallway before exchanging puzzled glances upon finding their respective guardians fighting. “Are they supposed to be 2 or 200?” Rosa murmured, and Black couldn’t help but laugh in response.

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Chapter 41: A Lesson In Balance of Harming An Innocent (Rise of the Guardians fanfic) Chapter is since in progress 



Everything just reminded her of the boy that had captured her heart. A sorrowful sob left her lips as she gazed at the snow that still coated the ground. How could she move on without him? She had wanted to spend the rest of her life with him! Why was Mother Earth so cruel?

“I sense great sadness from you, daughter.” Much like all other Ancient Spirits that had faded away at some point in their long lives, Mother Earth was among the few who still interacted with the living despite being invisible to all. Ali was the exception, however. 

For as far as she could remember, she had always been about to see the unseeable. Spirits that had long since faded from the land of the spirits — and thus invisible to their own kind — were visible only to her. 

Why? Ali did not know. All she knew was that she had a gift, a very special gift — the ability to freely talk to Mother Earth and Old Man Winters.

Ali turned her gaze to see the two ancient spirits standing to her far right. Mother Earth was a tall, slender woman with long rich black hair, tan skin, emerald colored eyes, and high cheekbones that were dusted with freckles. She wore a brown sleeveless knee high dress that depicted scenery of the different seasons and on her head was a crown made of flowers and vines.

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I shall leap in and do my contribution quick, with a brief part of a scene I've been working on this morning. 

Rough snippet from my other fantasy story, working title Battle Cry of the Sunbird, between a protagonist and the Creator bird who's a God first and Father second. 




A growl rumbled in His throat before He inhaled and exhaled deeply through His nares. It was not out of need to breathe, Ace recognised. “We both know Niko’s always been a little argumentative, but he does nothing but rebuke Me now, and run off to be with you… Are you trying to turn My son against Me?” 

Feeling a faint wave of dizziness under the pressure of His glare, Ace fervently shook his head. “What? No! I’m doing nothing of the sort!” He let out a shaky sigh. “Come on, aren’t you supposed to be omniscient? You should know that ain’t the case… I’ve been serving you from the moment you created me.” 

“I already explained it to you…” He sighed. “I’m all powerful but I can only see into your mind if you open your heart to Me. I see all on the outside, but all Godly powers rely on faith.” The Creator narrowed His eyes. “I can read the emotions on your face, I can sense you’re about to pass out… If you have nothing to hide, you should not fear, correct? Be honest with Me. What are you trying to do with My son?” 

“W-What am I trying to do?” Ace coughed into his fist, in an attempt to obscure his face even a fraction. “I’m being honest, I promise you, I’m not trying to turn Niko against you.” He knew he should admit it but his pride would not let him say the words out loud. Even if he hated it, he could never be disloyal to his Creator. “All I’m trying to do…” He exhaled, feeling an unpleasant heat in his chest. “All I’m trying to do is make him happy, when he always comes to me so angry or upset lately… Can’t you tell why? You’re his Father, it doesn’t take Godly powers to be one.” 

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