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Your current writing projects

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As of November 2020

Untitled Assassin's Creed One Shot 

Master of Shadows [Beyblade] 

The Plan [Beyblade] This was supposed to be a one shot, but it's now a two shot

Untitled Pokemon Xmas one shot. This was supposed to be submitted for the 2019 Xmas Writing Challenge, but I couldn't finish it

Untitled Smite Xmas one shot. This was my alternate fic for the 2019 Xmas Writing Challenge, but I couldn't finish it either

Untitled Dragon Age one shot


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Really, I need to work on everything I have. I've also been trying to work on little spinoffs to one of my stories, in other words, a series of oneshots to help me relax when I need it most.

I actually have a lot planned, but I unfortunately do not write as much as you guys do with art being my main focus, and I'm also very slow but I do try my best in writing as well. For now my main goa

How do you guys have so many projects going at once!?  I don't think I could handle more than two or three  Right now, the only thing I'm working on is an original short story about a wealthy city

[Currently writing]

A weapon is a freedom (Beyblade)

Ruby eyes (Beyblade, collaborated with @Autumn Witch)

[On Hiatus and will be continued later]

Where the sun rises during fall (Beyblade)

Shoot first and then question (Beyblade)

The BBA Restaurant (Beyblade)

Life Lessons (Beyblade)

Fics which can be written now or can go for hiatus (and can be continued later)

Love is a scimitar (Beyblade)

Poems for buddies (Beyblade)

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As of March 2021


Master of Shadows [Beyblade] - This is currently on a writing break because I'm so burned out from writing now. Probably will get back into it in April, but I really need some time off from writing fantasy.

A Crown of Thorns [Pokemon] - Doing a big edit of a fantasy I finished in 2019. Turns out this is much more work involved than I originally thought, and it's taking a lot of effort


And that's it really. I might do the odd one shot here and there, or a few edits of some other stories, but right now, I'm feeling pretty drained.


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