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Working on chapter 40 of Embers and Iron. I’m writing a flashback sequence at the beginning that also contains a folktale that I’m making up. It’s based on an Icelandic love song called Vor í Vaglaskógi, about lovers camping in springtime in a birch forest. So, one of the protagonists is younger, and he’s listening to this story. And then later in the chapter, it flashes back to present time, and he takes his wife (the dragonborn) to the wood to camp in the springtime. It’s all flowing so well in my head. Not so much to my hands, though! 

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Really, I need to work on everything I have. I've also been trying to work on little spinoffs to one of my stories, in other words, a series of oneshots to help me relax when I need it most.

I actually have a lot planned, but I unfortunately do not write as much as you guys do with art being my main focus, and I'm also very slow but I do try my best in writing as well. For now my main goa

How do you guys have so many projects going at once!?  I don't think I could handle more than two or three  Right now, the only thing I'm working on is an original short story about a wealthy city

Wanting to work on Holly Rising and Daughter at the same time, but realizing that's probably not feasible... Once I get the posts for the actual RP done, I will probably post the next chapter of Daughter first, and then the edited posts of Holly Rising. I was almost done with the third chapter of the former before the letter started up. There is enough information about the former for the latter not to be complete in order to finish the former... I also want to post the original works that I do have, as well as edit a few things, so that will probably come after Holly Rising is updated.

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Chapter 3 of daughter is ready for editing and final notes. The new chapters for Holly rising are also almost done. I will be spending the next two days editing chapter 3 of daughter, most likely. Not to mention there are a ton of notes for future fic Usurping. I am excited to start it, but it will be a bit more difficult than what I've done thus far... I also did some work on a sheet for Pokémon that don't have unique names in the original games getting unique names in Usurping. I'm not all the good names though, so it's taking a while...

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13 hours ago, AquilaTempestas said:

I am working on Chains of Fate, my epic Pokemon fantasy. I'm not too far away from finishing it, but there'll be a lot of work to do once it's over unfortunately. Blegh.

Same with my story, Holly Rising. It's almost done, but since it's an RP here, I have to port it over to my other accounts, and also do my author's notes. Since there are a lot of references to games throughout the Pokémon series, the author’s notes are also essential. And then there's all the editing…


After that comes the companion stories, especially since some of them were started during this one… I also still have to figure out some more of the sequels, since there's only one that's really planned out at this point, but I'd like to have seven stories in total, not counting any companion stories.

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I'm mostly working on a new Borderlands story called "Beyond the Reality", also my project 2020 too, but I have fallen behind a lot with it, which was kinda expected...

Also I have noted down a lot of ideas for eventual one shots, I don't remember how many they are but a whole lot, and I'll make as many as I can. 

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Working on my current story, diary. I have decided that this will be the last arc, but I do have notes for future arcs that will be worked in. It will be a relief to finally finish it since there were a lot of breaks in writing. I am also working on a writing exercise where I have to fill out a character centric version of a stylesheet. It’s been very interesting, especially with the idea of how professional writing and writing for enjoyment blurs. I am planning on using it to flesh out my main character And one of my stories involving her. I might do a smaller version for some other characters, because I’m really enjoying doing it.

Additionally, I’m currently training to become a professional copyeditor. This also involves a lot of writing projects, and my current project is editing an employee manual for a place I used to work. Once I’m done, the editing will go up in parts in an online portfolio. So far I’m working on the first three parts, and I’m done with the introduction and the first part.

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45 minutes ago, frankenjoly said:

Didn't get to reach my challenge goal 'cause I'm a disaster but at least I've managed to write more than usually, so... kind of a winning after all. Also I'm working (very slowly) on a set of one-shots. Yeah, Borderlands.

That's a total win though. As long as you write something, that's an achievement. Even for Nanowrimo, while they say 50,000 words, it's really just about getting people to write every day, and as long as you have more words by the end of the month, you've won.

As for myself, stuck on SLTS where I'm wondering if I should be writing more of my draft or trying to fix things for later. But I think I'll just keep writing the draft and get to a pseudo end and then go back and fix things.

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As of August, 2020

A Hero's Last Cry [Beyblade] - Last week I spent the entire week fixing up old chapters. I've now commenced work on the final two extension chapters should hopefully have them done over the next week or two depending on how slow I am. I kinda want to get it done before uni work piles up. END DATE - 31st of August, 2020

Mark of a Legend Trilogy [Pokemon] - Eventually, these stories need to be looked over and edited too. The last hard edit I did was in 2016 (trilogy started in 2013] and that was fixing up spelling errors and other grammatical things.  END DATE - 30th of December, 2020. 

Master of Shadows [Beyblade] - In progress. I'm still in the planning phase, and I can't really see myself fully committing to this until late December because of university workload and such. Unfortunately, sometimes writing time has to take a backseat but I can still plan it out accordingly. The actual writing part won't happen for awhile. END DATE - 1 st of March, 2021 [Start work on the 1st of January, 2021]

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