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What are you currently working on?

At the moment, I'm studying for exams unfortunately. When they are over (nov 20) I can get back into it again.

I'll be working on multiple stories. I have three months of summer holidays so no excuses not to write.

Tortured Hearts (Assassin's Creed)

Liberum Arbitrium (Pillars of Eternity)

World of Glass (Dark Souls)

Spirit of Champions (Pokemon)

Light From Darkness (Supernatural)

I'll also be working on lots of editing!

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Really, I need to work on everything I have. I've also been trying to work on little spinoffs to one of my stories, in other words, a series of oneshots to help me relax when I need it most.

I actually have a lot planned, but I unfortunately do not write as much as you guys do with art being my main focus, and I'm also very slow but I do try my best in writing as well. For now my main goa

How do you guys have so many projects going at once!?  I don't think I could handle more than two or three  Right now, the only thing I'm working on is an original short story about a wealthy city

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Working on a few in rotation atm. I have 3 Assassin's Creed Syndicate ones - Rook and the Raven, Romance and A change of a hat

My current favourite is Incarceration (Assassin's Creed Unity) which is a Pierre Bellec pre Unity thing.

Oh and I have a short to finish for g14 and one for Evie.


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I actually have a lot planned, but I unfortunately do not write as much as you guys do with art being my main focus, and I'm also very slow but I do try my best in writing as well. For now my main goal is to finish these two stories:

Set my Soul Ablaze (Pokemon) this one was a dream.

The Seanorth Carnival (Pokemon) while this one is set in a fanmade region.

Then I would like to rewrite completely an old story which is From the Shadows of Dragon City (Dragon Booster), this is the first story I've started in english because back then this fandom was missing in the italian site (it still is), only that it is old and full of mistakes I would really like to correct and make the story better.

I have something in mind for the Mega Man fandom too, one story is called The Final Act, a sort of a ZX3 story, as ZX Advent hinted to a sequel but it was never made, I'm currently designing the new robots and giving them a moveset. While another idea is a series of 3 stories which I do not have the name yet, but the series is gonna be called Descendant of the Siren General, and it is gonna cover from Zero 1 to ZX Advent.

I think that's all.

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Currently Unravel (Ice Age) is still ongoing, my longest story so far and if things go according to plan it's probably just around half way completed, although it's been a month since I last updated it, need to be updating that soon. 

After that I'm thinking of a short chili eating contest between the Ice Age herd, the name I'm thinking on right now is Breaking Point. 

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Beyond Contact (Halo-Mass Effect) -  20 Chapters

End of War: The Rainforest Wars (Halo) - 10 Chapters + Collaboration

Beyond the Walls (Shingeki No Koujin) - 7 Chapters

The Council's Snow Globe (Mass Effect) - 10 Chapters

Enfants Perdu (Sword Art Online) - Unknown # of Chapters & Current Project

The Nation (GATE) - Unknown # of Chapters & Current Project, + Collaboration/Side Story

Going Further (Pokémon) - 25 Chapters

7 story traps I can't seem to work my way toward something practical, stupid lack of motivation 

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How do you guys have so many projects going at once!?  I don't think I could handle more than two or three :P

Right now, the only thing I'm working on is an original short story about a wealthy city that is in serious economic decline, while at the same time another city is rising and trading the same thing they do.  The city's nobles look to hire a group of people who are skilled in toppling governments and such to eliminate the competition.  But of course, it doesn't turn out to be as cut and dry as the nobles would like... :ph34r:

It's almost finished.  Only one more scene to write, then I'll probably go through and revise some stuff (a lot of stuff.  My writing is feeling bland lately).  I'll probably post it on here when it's finished.

After that, I'll probably go back to fanfiction (got some fun ideas to work with), though there are some more original ideas that pulling at my brain too lately.  Maybe I'll try to do one of each?

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Cool story, Kookie. :) Link it to me when it's done.

I'm working rather slwoly nowadays. But this is what I'm working at.

A Broken Realm - Elder Scrolls.

Blue Eyes, Cold Steel, Elder Scrolls.

Space Studs Volume 1 - Original work, sci-fi/comedy.


It's going fairly well, but I'd really like my writing spirit back.

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Let's see... Making up titles on the spot for the fanfics XD


Archangels and Pokemon don't mix- Supernatural

A silly short story where Sam got Lucifer obsessed with Pokemon who in term got Michael obsessed. The two eldest brothers now solve all their problems with Pokemon battles. Gabriel is amused and Raphael is not amused at Lucifer naming a Togekiss after them.


Shattered Emerald- Pokemon

Based on nuzlocke, a retired trainer restarts their journey in Hoenn after being given a Treecko, seeking to avenge their Meganium who died in a battle with Team Aqua.


Shattered Memories- Original work

About a girl called Rosa with amnesia, she gets involved in a fight against a group of demons and in the process bonds with some oddly familiar people whilst suffering with flashbacks.




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I'm actually trying to make a shared universe between my fanfics. For now, I'm working on two of them and a special project.

Published works (ongoing)

-Phoenix Journal, Book I: Burning Cold (A Rosario+Vampire & Highschool DxD crossover)

-Dark Souls: Lords of the First Flame (A Dark Souls fanfic... obviously :))

-Persona 3 Remix(es) (A transation to Spanish of Persona 3 Remix by EternalCombOver in Fanfiction.net)

Working on it (Brainstorm phase)

-Untitled Dark Souls II work

-Untitled Dark Souls III work

-Bloodborne: The Great Hunt

-Untitled The Holders work (For the time being, A Seekers Journey)

-Untitled Original Story mixing and unifying all the stories mentioned before.

-Plus any story I may add in the future...

So... yeah. I'll be a little busy, and I may need a little help making this universe. So if there are anyone interesed, feel free to contact me here or PM me at Fanfiction.net. Thanks.

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Working on writing story notes for a story that I plan to reboot sometime this year. Had had a lot of new information because of the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon and Fire Emblem: Heroes.


Also, in terms of actual stories, I'm going to be working a fan fiction for a contest which ends at the end of this month. This story is unusual in that it's told entirely through diary entries (since one of the requirements of the contest is to use an unusual writing format). It's also my first fan fiction for the small fandom of Yggdra Union (specifically, the prequel, Blaze Union). It is called Lapis Lazuli, and stars the character Lapis as she writes in her diary, and later on, to someone…

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Short term:

Need To Feel Needed - JJSeung. Seung Gil is trying to reclaim his lost fame as Korea's best skater, Jean Jacques is given a chance at the top of the world but doesn't know if he will be accepted and respected there. Through the drama of the Grand Prix Series, Nationals, and Four Continents, the two skaters find each other and the selves they want to be so badly.

2 Viktor Week entries

other entries for other Yuri On Ice events

Long term: 

Flowers Blooming Beneath the Storm trilogy - Pokemon and Tohoshinki/Super Junior/EXO/Shinee/possibly NCT crossover. Follows the life of Jung Yunho, a Pokemon trainer with a mysterious past he cannot remember, and two friends: Changmin, someone close to Yunho who he's known ever since he was eleven, and Jaejoong, a mysterious outsider Yunho meets in university who seems to know Yunho better than Yunho himself. Tie in a mysterious gap in Yunho's childhood memories, an increasing rate of violent terrorist crime throughout the regions, the mystique of Mega Evolution and Z-Moves Yunho is determined to master to represent his region, a sudden disappearance, and a secret underground student organisation that aims, along with the youngest International Police agent in history, to stop the rampant crime throughout the regions once and for all.

Book One follows Yunho's last month of primary education and the summer before he is scheduled to journey around Sinnoh. Book Two follows Yunho's new life in the Johto region learning the ways of a competitive Pokemon trainer and maneuvering through the angst of boarding secondary school. Book Three, the longest and most action-packed book, follows Yunho and Changmin's first and second year at Castelia University, their careers in competitive Pokemon battling circuits, and the dramatic acts of terror that Yunho and Changmin are soon called to fight against -- soon revealing a big, big mystery that Yunho has forgotten for eight years.

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I'm working on a Star Wars story for my kids.  I try and post a chapter a week, and they are really enjoying it.

I've also been knocking out some fan fiction for World of Warcraft (written for the guild I used to run with) and some old Deadlands material (written years ago) that I'm polishing up and posting when I can.

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