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Is Fanfiction.net outdated?

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This spawned during a conversation on Discord.

FFN is probably the oldest fanfiction site around and clearly the most popular. 

Yet, these days, I feel like FFN is an outdated and poorly managed archive.

Even Wattpad has a clearer and modern design. Archive looks sleek and modern too.

But FFN? I'm getting annoying ads. I get weird spam bot messages from time to time. It's ugly to read. I could go on about the sinking cesspit that is known as FFN.


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It does suck. And the fact that the site mods don't monitor the site, which resulted in CU doing so upset a lot of people who simply made mistakes. The ads in the middle of chapters doesn't help, either. That's a real turn off for me. The ffn mods need to actually do their job.

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As far as I'm concerned if FFN would shut down I probably wouldn't miss it. In the state it is now I don't even want to open the site at all.

There's ads whenever you go, to open a fandom and in the middle of the story too, they get more than annoying if chapters are long.

Each time you upload anything new you need to upload a document first, accept the never changing guidelines when everywhere else you'd just accept them once, and then go into yet another menu and set everything for your story, and you could even be waiting days for it to show up properly.

Same applies to the image manager, how annoying it has to be to just change an avatar?

Some fandoms even lack all the characters of said work, where on other sites you can just type them out if they're missing, while on FFN you need to send a request for the characters to be added, no thanks.

The rating system is also rather weird, isn't K+ and T rating pretty much the same? I can't find a correct one to give to my story sometimes.

The design is really outdated, even some minimal changes to refresh the graphics would be nice, its been that way since forever. The italian site I used to write on looked nicer tbh.

Last thing well the amount of toxicity and lack of moderation about it is absurd, anyone can go and spam messages and bully people to their heart's content without consequences, but hey at least we have a filter for bad words right?

I still remember last year when someone literally sent a message telling me to kill myself over the fact I was Italian, fun times those ones.

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While the ads were annoying, I have an ad blocker on my laptop so that doesn't bother me that much. What I found annoying was their upload system. If your editing your old work you would have to reupload and then go into another menu to select the document for that chapter. There also the fact that someone can spam message you was really the last straw for me. 

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