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10th of June, 2021

All right.

So obviously we are struggling in terms of getting people online here. It is getting harder to reach out to people on Fanfiction.Net.

I am asking for everyone to try and advertize when they update - if we can manage to get just one person.... That's a lot. But I can't do that alone.

So please advertize whenever you can.

No surprises in that regard since people do live busy lives and such.

I'm thinking we're gonna have to do an update on how we present ourselves - we are a creative arts forum after all, and we mostly just focus on writing and art. But I think we should try and reach out to music people too, so I'm going to try and reach out to music fans.

But of course - no action will be taken until I get some feedback on what you think is best for us going forward into the future.

A music sub-forum? If I add the big music section, I can merge my main music server with our current Discord to attract a wider range of people.

What would you like to see? What should be included? Your feedback matters.

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