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Do you worry about disappointing your readers?

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Yeah I get worried about this! Mostly that the fanfic's plot will end up too convoluted for the reader to follow, or it'd drag and they'd just lose interest. I'm only on chapter 4 for my current Pokemon fic though and I plan to cut out half the actual travelling between places to hopefully make the plot move along quicker. 

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Yes, of course, but then I think, is this what I’d want to happen if I were the reader and if I would be, I won’t do it. If I wouldn’t be, then that’s the way I go. I have to make myself happy with what I write. If I pander to others then I’m not going to enjoy writing the story. 

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17 hours ago, AquilaTempestas said:

This one is for multi-chaptered authors!

Do you ever fear you may disappoint your readers as your story progresses?

For example, do you worry if your readers will become bored/upset over a certain event?

Sometimes, I worry that my story might get a bit boring for readers!

Yes and no.

Yes because I would love for my readers to continue following my characters through their journey I am slowly crafting, feeling their lost, happiness, understanding their choices rather it was intentional or not. But what if I write something they might not agree with? Would they stop reading my story just because of that? If they are one of your loyal readers who had been with you through every chapter, providing you feedback and ideas since chapter one, would it really matter? You can't please everyone. While I love the feedback I get, and appreciate their continue support in my story, I write because it is what I love to do. I don't write to appease others. Just Myself.

As some of you may know I write this rise of the guardian fic harming an innocent. I haven't uploaded a chapter for that story for well over a year now. Despite that I still gets messages that people are following liking and commenting, stating that they love the story and can't wait for the next chapter. Readers like that don't just drop the story and go away just because they suddenly don't like what you are writing. They'll tell you. Besides, if someone doesn't like it then oh well  there are plenty of other people who probably do. 

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I worry about it often, but I also know I'm not going to change my story if people don't like how I've done things.

I had a reader who did not like how I ended a story and they wanted me to change the ending. I told them I wouldn't do it because it's the ending I wanted.

So yeah - I do worry if people don't like how my story is progressing, but I won't change it anyway.

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6 hours ago, AquilaTempestas said:

Care to elaborate? I'm curious!

When you spend a lot of time worrying about what others think, it bogs you down, I think. I feel that worrying about disappointing your readers is misplaced; when you write, you write for you, isn't it? Write for the thrill. Write for the self-satisfaction. Unless your goal is to write for monetary gain then mayhaps you should be worried about disappointing the fans and as consequence, your source if income is decreased.

Disappointment comes with the territory when sharing it. Everyone reacts differently and there's no way to please the masses. Just because someone doesn't like what I've written doesn't mean I should care about it; I'm the captain of this ship. You happen to be passengers on this ride with me. If I want to sink this ship, you all are coming with me whether you want to or not.

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Not really, but I don’t get a huge following to begin with. I think of it more in the sense of does something make sense and how might a person react if I was guaranteed to at least get some audience (E.g. a professionally published author really marketing their writing). The latter is is not disappointing people, but rather something that making sense, if it would be confusing, or even offensive. I think if I had a larger following that might be a concern, or maybe I still wouldn’t mind it that much because I would know I would have at least some readers.

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