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Stories Reviewed Thread

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All right. I've done my ones too.

Tales from the Dojo by @Zadien- For some reason, I thought I had already read this. Turns out I have but never reviewed. Wtf. 

To Free the Mind by @Wizarmonfan - I don't know anything about this fandom, but I gave it my best shot.


And non forum member


Pokemon Neo Black and White by snivygamer97





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Just now, Nubushi said:

Reviewed Tensions. Should be able to get my other 2 in tomorrow.

And thanks, @Zadien!

Thanks for the review @Nubushi! Totally agree with regards to a few grammatical errors, but it is a story I wrote way back in 2015 haha. One day I'll probably edit it... Maybe... (10 years later...)


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Did my round of reviews this time too, cuz I don't wanna look like an hypocrite, and didn't forget.

For the forum I reviewed Tension from @AquilaTempestas a bit by mistake as I didn't see it had already been done, I'll be more careful next time I promise.

And also Smells Like Team Spirit from @Zadieneven if I don't know anything much I tried my best.

For our outside of the forum review I chose Last Execution from ElfLord123, I told them who I was and that we were doing this thing to spread positivity and help writers out, maybe they'll get interested, they had no reviews on the story either.

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Sorry didn't post this on time  but life sometimes gets in the way.

I reviewed 

Smells Like team Spirit by @zadien   and   To Free the Mind by @Wizarmonfan  (I know this one was part of the last event but it was only reviewed once)

I also reviewed 

Booth Sixteen  and Teach a Girl to fish   and invited them to check out the forum.  

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I had some other things to catch up on this weekend and was planning on sitting this one out. I guess I should have posted in advance and made that clear. Sorry about that! Hopefully I'll be able to jump back in next time, or sometime in the future.

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