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New World Order: The Rift [ARC 2]

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"I thought you'd leave because of Caitlin, besides it would be best to not go around alone after what happened" she says.

"I can never tell between you guys and the others, sometimes I treat you like them, other Morty is... quite the hassle"

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He sighs.

”She uh noticed that I had taken a bit of blood... I told her it was to help you and all, and she didn’t like that. Not after what happened last time. But I said it’s not going to be like last time. And that is all we talked about.”

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"Going to get blood from someone? I have seen how you are when you are weak and need more" she says.

"And you're looking exactly the same as the other one, but at least you haven't run off to who knows where without saying a thing I guess"

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"Well you are listening to me, its something. You have no idea how long it took me to get the other one to do so, pretty much saving his ass from Naoko, risking my own in the process" she says.

"I guess not, but we'd have to sometime"

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"Like I said, I'm not like the other... me."

You head to Volkner who is outside. 

"What's the matter?"

Volkner points to the wall. You notice there's a slight opening as if there's another door.

"Looks like a room downstairs. We should check it out."

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Volkner and Morty look at each other.

"Hey, we saved you. It's about time you do something," Morty points out.

Volkner frowns. "But I'm just a normal human. If something happens, you'll have to save me again."

Morty rolls his eyes. "...Whatever."

He kicks open the door. You peer down a hole into gaping darkness.


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Volkner jumps down after you.

You look around the secret cellar room. It's reasonably large and quite spacious.

There are quite a few dusty shelves with some old tattered books and empty half-broken bottles.

There's also an a skeleton hanging upside down. There's a sealed tunnel entrance behind it.

Morty frowns. "What the heck? That's so random."

He walks over to it. 

Volkner frowns. "Don't touch it."



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Morty frowns.

"Yeah. Seems like this skeleton was guarding it. I mean, why else would it be hanging here before it?"

Volkner walks over to the entrance and taps on it. "It's sealed though. No way we're breaking through that."

"Unless the skeleton is linked to it?" Morty says. "This place could've been owned by a witch... and we know what witches are like. Secretive."

Volkner raises an eyebrow. "What? You think the door is linked to this skeleton?"

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