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New World Order: The Rift [ARC 2]

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"Oh shut it, I had enough of you two in the other world" she rolls her eyes.

"That hunter from the other night answered Jade's phone, they claim they have them all, and that they'll have Steven kill them if we don't find them before sundown. I heard festival music in the background, any ideas?"

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"That's why I say to not trust people, though I'd point more towards Whitney, you remember what I told you about Jasmine? Yeah some people go to extreme lenghts for jealousy" she says.

"I'm still not convinced about Phoebe either, everyone's gone but her?"

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Lance rubs his neck.

"How would Whitney know though? Why would Morty tell her anything? He keeps going on about wanting a normal life so he wouldn't tell her anything."

There's no bus yet, but according to the timetable there should be one arriving soon.

"Something doesn't feel right."


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"We don't know what he told her, besides, the same thing with Jasmine still, my Morty told her nothing yet she knew everything, because of Sabrina. What tells me the same thing couldn't have happened?" she asks.

"We don't know what kind of knowledge she has"

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Lance shrugs.

"Well, maybe we will learn something new."

The fairgrounds bus heads to the destination.

It is a long ride but you lose track off time.

You bypass empty plains of grass. There isn't too much too look at out here but you eventually arrive.

Eventually you reach the showgrounds venue. It is deadly quiet but you do see some flashing lights at the horror house ride.


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There is also a merry go round ride and some sideshow stalls on the way.

You head to the horror house and Lance just stares at the cheap old fashioned werewolf at the front.

"...They totally got this part wrong," he murmurs the heads through the entrance into a dimly lit room.


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