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New World Order: The Rift [ARC 2]

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She chuckles.

"Well, in that case he is either just deeply insecure and afraid or he doesn't care. At all. If that is the case, she should just cut her losses and leave and find another guy if she wants."

She grins.

"Some people don't realize something until the other person is gone. Have you talked to the kid? How do you know he is unhappy?"

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"Well he wants his father, and doesn't want his parents to keep fighting, he told me he wished he had a normal family" she says.

"Yet Morty doesn't want anything to do with him, he says he's going to hurt them because of what he is, yet he never thinks at the consequences of his actions, he just does things and others are left picking up the pieces for him"

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Jade nods, thinking hard.

"I know it might be hard to accept, but maybe it is best if he leaves them. I mean... Grandmother told grandfather to leave. They weren't good for each other and she raised her daughter alone.... And us as well when mother died."

She looks sad then sighs.

"Maybe it is the same thing. The kid will eventually understand and accept that having his father around would only bring more pain."

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"He's pretty young, I don't think he will understand it just yet, he's just one year old" she says.

"Besides he needs Morty, how is a Seer going to manage without a guide? They are both Seers, because some of the things I know he showed them to me, he has nightmares all the time"

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"Well even less now that I am here, I don't know what's is happening on the other side, they'll have to do without me, maybe that will teach them something, since most of them do seem to rely on me a lot" she says.

"Like it was a mystery of what was happening in his pants"

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N shrugs.

“It is possible. Perhaps they buried you even. It is hard to know what has happened.”

He pauses then,”

”Or they are carrying on with their lives and going on as per normal.”

Jade laughs again. “I guess we don’t say a word when Lance comes back.” She giggles again.

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Jade looks sad.

”Grandmother isn’t going to understand. The people in your world don’t sound like they are worth saving. You’re not happy talking about them.”

N sighs. “But she has to go back. Maybe they all die but she lives. Maybe then she can return to this world.”

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"Jade, I'm not happy because I wish things would be different, better, for me and for them, but I'm not upset because they are trouble, I'm upset because I care, and I'd like to see them be happy" she says.

"I have my own family there, and my friends, what I fought for until now is not here. You are kind people, and deserve the best, but for now, my presence here will only be temporary"

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He also glares at you.

"I..." He looks away with a disgruntled look. "..I'm not going to bring this up with you."

Jade giggles again, finding the whole situation most amusing.

"So... Were you thinking of Caitlin? Or someone else?"

"...You know, maybe I will sit somewhere else tonight." Lance stands up and moves over to the farthest table he can sit at.

N cracks a grin - a rare sight. "Well, I admit - that was somewhat entertaining."

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N nods.

"Yes, us... beings are above the usual supernaturals. Angels especially being the first race. You are above... the weaknesses of the tainted supernaturals. Even humans. Werewolves and vampires.... definitely slaves of desire."

"Well that explains Lance."

"Werewolves do inherit some wolf-traits. They don't just take on the form."


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"At least I hope to still be alive, I don't know what happened, or if someone found me, but I didn't go fight Agatha alone, so hopefully either Steven or Morty looked for me" she sighs.

"Or so I hope, you haven't forgot your Cynthia, which means probably my friends didn't forget I existed"

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