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New World Order: The Rift [ARC 2]

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"I don't trust Phoebe, in my world she's Sabrina's ally, I'm not letting her get her hands on me" she says.

"I appreciate the concern, but sooner or later it has be done, and if anyone should do it I'd rather have it be Morty. If I manage to get my hands on that thing, people will follow us more easily knowing I have a weapon to take down Sabrina, and we are going to need allies if we intend to march in the city"

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Cynthia just grins.

"I'm full of bad ideas, but if that's our chance I'll do it, Sabrina would kill me anyways if I didn't have anything to kill her" she shrugs.

"Like I said she can jump bodies and if we don't stop her doing that with her magic, then we'll never going to be able to kill her"

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