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New World Order: The Rift [ARC 2]

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"I'm not giving anything to anyone Morty, if that's divine stuff its meant to be used by myself alone, its not a gift. I haven't given it to Lance and certainly I am not giving it to you" she crosses her arms.

"Now stop being a coward, I already did what I had without asking for a reward, now its your turn"

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Steven frowns.

”Just what are you so afraid of anyway?”

“You would never understand.”

He walks over to an empty space and reaches an arm out. 

A white light envelops him briefly and his eyes turn a brilliant shade of blue.

He looks at Steven. Before anyone can do anything, he raises a hand and swats it as if shooing a fly off.

Steven’s neck snaps and he falls down.

Lance raises an eyebrow.


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Morty ignores you.

”I guess it can’t talk? Though I can’t be entirely sure,” Lance muses. “Maybe it doesn’t like us.”

”...They all should have burned... how does a dog talk? Dogs can’t talk. But not a true dog.”

Lance frowns. “I guess that is about me...”

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"Your spirit friends were trying to guide us towards it, but no one can walk through, I think they're trying to tell us something important" she explains.

"I'd do it myself if I could, I'm no coward but unfortunately I'm not a necromancer so I can't"

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"It stops the use of magic."

N raises an eyebrow. "Permanently?"

"For several days at the most," Morty replies. "And it only grows in the garden of heaven."

"Great. So can't be accessed by anyone unless you're dead... which doesn't help anyone living," Lance murmurs.


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"Which means only me" she says.

"Sabrina has to die, in this world and my own too, she's a plague we can't allow to run free anymore" she claims.

"When Morty will come back to his own self we'll prepare to, if the other Morty could do it then this one could, besides, I have come close to death before, always to Sabrina's hand, and I have intention to show her that she should have killed me when she had the occasion to. As far as I know, she's not aware of my angelic side, whatever it takes, I will do it"

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N frowns.

"Are you this Morty can though? It's not like he's had much chance to practice magic."

Lance nods. "It's too risky. We need to make sure he can actually do it before we even try this. What if he can't bring you back because he doesn't have the power? Then you die and it's all over."

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"He hasn't had occasion to, but it doesn't mean he doesn't have the power to, he is special, just like all of us" she says.

"If that's the only thing that can stop Sabrina and save our worlds then I'll take the risk. She's hurt way too many people, and I'm tired to see her destroying the lives of the people I care about, because she's too much of a coward to come and get me herself"

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