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New World Order: The Rift [ARC 2]

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"I knew it... she's not captive of the vampires, she's leading them, she's behind everything that happens just like in my world..." she growls.

"What tells me that she hasn't traveled here just like me? No matter, my mission is to stop her, this world or the other, she's hurt way too many people..." she then sighs, forcing herself to relax.

"I thank you for telling me, if you have more to say, more than I should know, do it now, before I set you free"

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"I am pretty sure this necklace is the same one I have been given, it belonged to my mother..." she takes it in her hand.

"If that's so then I see no reason why I shouldn't have them, if Sabrina locked them here with the spirits then maybe they could be something of a danger to her"

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Steven nods.


He picks up the white staff and wields it like a weapon.

”I remember these well. Every high priest had one though I am not entirely sure what they were used for other than walking.”

Morty leaves the room in silence. Lance picks up the ring. 

“This would make a great gift. Girls love diamond right?”

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Lance sighs.


He gives you the ring looking a bit disappointed.

”That is the last time I will ever touch a diamond ring.”

Steven sighs. “Let us go then. See what else is around in these caverns. Seems your blond friend is already gone though. Oh well.”


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You take all the items.

Fortunately, you don't have too wander too far to find Morty. He is looking at a wall with some drawings on it.

There are quite a few things at work. A full moon. A lot of crosses marking graves. Broomsticks to indictate witches. And other creatures you can't quite make out.

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Steven raises an eyebrow.

"Ah yes, that one. Where a Seer predicted the world would be engulfed in fire and the creatures of hell would be unleashed upon the world. That was a good one. I remember that one."

Morty touches the wall. "There's a weak point here somewhere. We have to find it."

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