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New World Order: The Rift [ARC 2]

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"Well I'm not a witch that does favors without knowing what could be of danger to me, not anymore at least, I used to be that way but if this experience taught me anything, is to choose well who to trust into" she shrugs.

"You haven't seen what happened in my other world, what for you is new has been the experience of several months for me"

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"Well he wasn't afraid of getting into trouble, that's for sure. I lost count of the amount of times you got hurt by something or someone, or yourself even" she says.

"Other Morty would have probably helped out, he never lost a chance to show off how good of a witch he was compared to me"

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Morty narrows his eyes.

Steven looks at him again. "Yeah. That one sounds better than you. Why couldn't we have the other one instead?"

He looks around and throws his hands up.

"Come at me, spirits! Do your worst!" he leers.

"What are you doing?" Morty snaps. 

Steven shrugs. "They can't do anything anyway."

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Morty frowns.

"I don't think any of you quite understand what it means to... walk the realm of the dead. You become that person temporarily, and there's no telling what could happen afterwards... or what could happen to myself. You lose yourself for awhile for a few days. It's like playing with fire. Most people go mad. Insane."

Steven shrugs.

"I've spent a thousand years in a box."

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"Hold on, I will let you free, but you shall tell me all about this person first, might be just who I am looking for" she says.

"There's only one powerful psychic I have ever known that could do such things, Arceus itself gave me a mission to stop her, now tell me, was her name Sabrina?"

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There is silence then,

”Sabrina, the heathen!” the spirits rage. “We were sacrificed for her spell - to open the doors of hell.”

”The doors of hell?” Morty repeats.

”Giratina’s domain. Giratina seeks to rebel against the good work of Arceus. Giratina sends the demons to corrupt. Your companions... they bear the taint. When Giratina comes he will tempt them.”

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