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New World Order: The Rift [ARC 2]

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He raises an eyebrow.

"What? You're scared of Caitlin? She can't do anything. Besides. You think they care about each other? Certainly not."

He sighs.

"Lyra's not going to be hurt. I just want to make friends with her. I don't suppose Silver or any of the other people she was with ever tried being civil."

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"Me? Of Caitlin? No, but a certain blond boy may be, heard him talking about it earlier, pretty sure he was referring to her" she smirks.

"Oh I do not doubt they were all but good to her, I just wish to look after my actual friend, since a lot of things that happen in one world tend to repeat in the other"

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Steven frowns.

"So our necromancer is a coward then. How not surprising. And afraid of a woman. How times have changed."

Expression turning serious, he adds,

"Vampires have heightened emotion. So think about when you are angry - it's so much worse for a vampire. Maybe give him some time to think. I know what it's like to be caged and trapped. For him it might've been a few days, and for me it was centuries... But the feelings are all the same."


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"No on but Lance it seems, he's the only one that doesn't care" she says.

"I get he's mad, but he has to understand that even without me, this would have happened anyways, because it is not me that decided that he is a Blackthorn, and neither you being the first vampire, Sabrina would have gone after him anyways"

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