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New World Order: The Rift [ARC 2]

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Morty frowns at you.

"Like I said. I'm linked to her. Why the hell would I want to fight her? That'll just kill me too."

"There's got to be a way to remove that link," Lance muses.

He shrugs. "Like I know. Do you really think Naoko would tell her followers how to free themselves from her?"

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"Here saying something is not your problem equals you're not doing you part, because I require everyone to help each other, I thought it was damn clear" she says.

"Or did your arrogance of being now a hybrid made you forget everything? I remind you, you have a lot you owe me, and I intend to ask for the full price"

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"Morty has actually done something for me, and he was there in that nest of vampires too, he's always been at my side despite how annoying sometimes he can be towards me" she says.

"I can't sacrifice anyone to Naoko, and much less him, he'll die if he opposes, he can't do this, but you can help and don't want to, which is different" she crosses her arms.

"He's helped me, you have yet to do anything worth, and you better shove that arrogance of yours somewhere else immediately"

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"Does the truth hurt too much? You've always been easy to give up on anything after all" she says.

"I saved you more than once, I held your damn hand through your problems, but you know... my patience and kindness have a limit, you have long abused that, I am not forced to look after you all the time, but I do, but who looks after me? I solve your problems but the moment I'm the one needing help its a no, it is always a no" she glares.

"I will get tired eventually, and one day when you'll need me, I'll walk the other way"

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He frowns at you.

"You make it sound like I needed help for everything, but if I recall correctly I have not asked your help for everything. 

Morty sighs. "We don't need to argue. Cynthia, we need everyone we can get. He's been tortured for weeks, watched his own people die, and now is a vampire. I'd be depressed too if I was a vampire." 

"Finally. Some sense," Lance remarks. 

Siebold also sighs. "Well, this is awkward. I should take Wikstrom back."


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"No, other Lance did the exact same when he turned hybrid, became one arrogant person" she says.

"I should have left you rot in a dumpster like other me would have, just because he's been tortured it is no excuse to treat the ones that walked into a nest of vampires for him this way" she shrugs.

"Its too much to say a simple thank you isn't it? Oh right, I'm the nephilim that ruined everything for everyone, its my fault this world is in chaos because I clearly chose to be what I am right? I clearly wanted all of this" she rolls her eyes. "Just blame everything on me, it is the norm anyways, you know? I'm everyone's favorite excuse for everything that goes wrong"

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Morty nods.

"Well, you kinda are, Cynthia. No offence, but I was living a pretty decent life before you came into it. It wasn't your fault, sure, but just saying. That baby would still be alive."

Lance sighs. "You know you could've just let everyone die then none of this would be happening and your world would still be fine. Besides, no one asked you to be a hero. Real heroes don't ask for thanks."

He then hardens his gaze.

"You really should've let me die here, Cynthia. No one asked you to come looking for me. Then you would have had one less thing to worry about. Now you get to deal with the abomination you created. All you had to do was walk away and stop trying to be a hero."


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"Well excuse me if I am trying to be a good person, but fine then, you've made it clear, you don't want me, not like anyone ever does" she says.

"I never asked to get dragged in this world, and you know what? I can't wait to go back home" she turns away.

"I'll just go look for Sabrina, and show you what ruining a world means then"

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Morty frowns.

"Now you're just being melodramatic, Cynthia. But if you just want to hand yourself over to Sabrina and damn us all, then I'm afraid I can't allow that to happen. You really just want to give up because of what Lance said? I thought you were better than that."

He gives you a disappointed look.

"But if you really want to go home..." He looks at Siebold. "You're an angel. Can anything be done?"

"She needs to pray to Arceus and speak with God."

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