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New World Order: The Rift [ARC 2]

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Wikstrom growls.

"You're more like a witch than an angel."

Siebold walks up behind Wikstrom. "This needs to stop.And I can't keep standing by and watching you be like this."

Before you can react or anyone else for that matter, Siebold rams his blade into Wikstrom's back.

The angel gasps. "....You...."

"Our orders are simple - do as Cynthia asks. But you seek to take matters into your own hands and defy Arceus."

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Cynthia grins.

"I told you you weren't worth of your wings. I, witch or not, have never defied Arceus because I am still trying to accomplish my purpose, while you are going around wanting to kill all my allies for what they are, you're not different from Sabrina" she says.

"Didn't think you had it in you to disobey a superior, I'm impressed" she tells Siebold.

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He looks at you.

"Why do you think so many angels rebelled during the war? Because of all the laws. The rules."

After a pause he adds,

"The birth of a nephilim is a sign of war between heaven and hell. Chaos will follow the nephilim. Your mother came from a powerful line of witches and she led her people with great pride. The angels rewarded her with you."

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"I don't think all demons are evil, just tired of rules" she says.

"As far as I know my mother could not have a child, so she prayed an angel to answer her, I don't remember her..." she sighs.

"As for chaos, well, I think I'm involed in more than enough troublesome things to tell myself"

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Siebold nods.

"It is prophecy that a Nephilim will be born and determine the fate of the people - the innocent. The humans."

"Not all humans are innocent," Morty points out.

"And neither are supernaturals, but we do what we can - to protect humanity. The balance of good and evil."

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Morty frowns.

"I don't like it."

Siebold sighs. "Ghetsis is the Father of Magic. Also, the Father of Necromancy. He was able to keep himself from dying a true death because of blood. As long as someone of his bloodline lives... He will also live on. Blood is power."

Morty tilts his head to the side. "A blood connection. His life is linked to hers. Or anyone else in the bloodline."


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Morty looks at you.

"It's how Naoko draws her power. From her followers." He frowns once more. "So how do we stop Ghetsis?"

"Firstly, you need to remove his followers. The other six sages. Remove his protection. Each of them is a seal that must be broken to lower Ghetsis's defences," Siebold explains.

"That sounds complex. How are we even supposed to fight them?"


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"Which means tracking down each of those six sages," Morty says. "And we have no way of doing that unless they find us first. We've already met one of them."

Siebold puts his sword away. "Yes. Tracking them down will not be so easy... But you should worry about your hybrid problem first."

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