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New World Order: The Rift [ARC 2]

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He looks at you.

"And you really want me to become a hybrid? Whatever happens in the future will be your fault."

He follows Morty, and drops to his knees.

"Welcome to your new life, Lance," Morty remarks. 

Lance ignores him and drinks what he needs.

Morty walks back over to you. "I can't help but think we are creating a new monster. I hope you know what you are doing."

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The angels approach. Both angels are carrying swords.

"Step aside," he says, looking at you. "We have no quarrel with you."

Lance looks up from the corpse. "Who are you?"

"Wikstrom," Wikstrom says, pulling out a curved blade. "You are an abomination and must be stopped."

Siebold looks more conflicted, keeping his distance.

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"You're his superior, not mine" she glares.

"I have no intention to let you lay a hand on Lance, I fought hard to get him back from Sabrina's hands, I went head to head with her, where were you angels when that happened? Easy for you to talk when all you do is watch and talk nonesense" she still stands between the two.

"If you want him you have to step over my dead body"

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Cynthia still stands in place.

"Why would Arceus grant its powers to a poor excuse of a knight like you, that doesn't do anything when needed? But feels that can freely go around to kill whatever he desires just for what they are? Other supernaturals have feelings and lives too, you you have no right to take them, holy being or not, you're not above them" she glares.

"I will stand for the people that have been at my side, instead of a god that could help, or send his angels to take on Sabrina, instead of ruining things and pointing fingers"

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“To purify the land of evil,” he says. “You were brought here to find a way to defeat Sabrina. Not to save every poor creature you come across.”

He points at Lance.

”He should’ve died a true death. Now you’ve unleashed a great evil onto the world.”

”And what if she proves us wrong, Wikstrom?” Siebold says. “This hybrid has potential. He can be a weapon against Sabrina.”

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"You automatically think everything that isn't an angel or a human is evil, these people have helped me get where I am, I am alive because of them" she says pointing an accusing finger to him.

"Where were you when the people of Veilstone died? Where were you when the people of Solaceon died? That wasn't us, but Saturn and his friends nor Naoko were not evil enough for you right?" she glares harder.

"Learn to use your head and think about what and who is truly evil, instead of just judging one person for what he is instead of what he did. Someone as mindless as you that obeys without questioning if their actions are correct is not worthy of those wings"

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Wikstrom glares.

”And yet you have failed to save those people. You have failed to defeat Naoko, and you have had multiple chances to stop her. We have orders to not directly interfere in your fights, but Lance threatens the world with his unnatural existence. You do not understand what you have unleashed.”

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"I may have failed but again, have you even tried to do anything? I couldn't care less of what orders you have, it just shows that you're incapable of acting on your own unless you've been told to" she glares back.

"You could have chosen to do something about it but didn't, its different from trying and failing, but I do not assume that you're smart enough to understand the difference. If you truly wanted Sabrina gone you'd fight against her instead of leaving everything in the hands of a bastard angel like me, you chose to leave things in my hands, you don't have a say in it unless you actually prove to me that you can be of any use, instead of just flapping your mouth around"

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