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New World Order: The Rift [ARC 2]

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Lance frowns.

"I thought we were doing the gun club together? You're going to run off and find Steven? It's almost daylight. Not like you can save him anyway."

Morty nods. "Well, he's got a point there, Cynthia. Sure, you can save him, but he ain't going anywhere. Let's just get Lance sorted first."

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"Probably some gentlemen's club," Morty remarks.

Lance nods. "Sounds about right. My grandfather used to go to the gun range too back in his day."

"So... Let's just hope they don't shoot us on sight."

You keep moving. Up ahead, you can see the gates. There are several security guards about.

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“And let him have all the fun and draw unnecessary attention? I’ve got a better idea.”

He raises his both hands and looks towards the guards. He extends one hand forward and makes a fist.

One guard grabs him his throat as he chokes on his own blood. The other guard soon does the same. They both fall to the ground.


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