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New World Order: The Rift [ARC 2]

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Steven sighs. He picks up a black suit which looks pretty similar to the one he has been wearing and goes to get dressed.

He appears moments later with a more expensive version of his previous attire.

”I don’t look that much different but it’s fine because I don’t want to look too different.”

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'Because my vampires are under control by Sabrina, and there are dangerous necromancers out there that also post a threat to my very existence," Steven points out. "I would prefer not to spend the rest of eternity sealed away again."

You follow Rowan downstairs. You can see a bunch of claw marks on the walls.

"You've had werewolves down here before."

Rowan nods. "This placed was used a long before my time for wolves. But most recently, the last wolf in here was Cyrus actually."

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(Hahah the stuff I come up with when tired. That was pretty funny)


Rowan nods.

”Unfortunately, keeping them locked inside like a wild animal is the safest option for ourselves and for them.”

“Maybe we should keep Morty locked in here too. He could be a danger to the public eye,” Steven says with a grin.

Morty gives him the finger but Steven doesn’t what that means anyway.

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