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New World Order: The Rift [ARC 2]

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"Not going to be getting better without fuel. Joys of being me," he remarks. 

"Well, the local health clinic will have some blood you can take," Dawn says. "They do blood infusions there so they'll have something. It's in Sandgem. Just take the northern  path through the woods and you'll be there. It's like a twenty minute walk."

Caitlin nods. "Right. I'll get them."

Dawn looks at you. "Where's Cyrus?"

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"At least you appear more or less organized" she says.

"We had no idea the sages would be tied to the chain directly, or we would have tried to get rid of it first thing as soon as we got it. Also Naoko is behind this all, she played me like the fool I am" she sighs.

"Maybe it is part of being an angel to be overly trusting in people and to have faith"

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Johanna nods.

"I had my suspicions when I first met Cyrus at the lake. He was.... different."

Dawn shudders. "I do not want to hear about how you met. Gross."

"So, Rowan moved into the old house built before the war. There was a basement used for shelter purposes naturally. Turns out it makes for a good werewolf den too." She gestures for you to sit down on the couch. "Naoko - the necromancer, yes? That will be a problem. Necromancers are not so easy to stop, but there might be something that can... weaken them to the point of death."

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"We basically lead her to the chain" she sighs.

"I wanted to trust her to try and see what my mother saw in necromancers too, now I hate that woman even more..." she growls, then pulls out the sacred leaf she got a while ago when she passed in the world of the dead.

"Would this help some? I was told it blocks magic. Also, from the other Naoko I know that she uses some kind of powerful blood to keep herself strong all the time, but I don't know of which kind"

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