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New World Order: The Rift [ARC 2]

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"Oh no, it is not because of him, I agree with sparing him the pain, she'll never even want to see him" she says.

"I just want her to hate Silver and his similars, the way they hate us without knowing a thing. Besides I'm still conviced that someone staged that attack in her home too, we know wolves, we know that when its full moon they don't hang around cities in fear of hurting people, someone must have lead them there, and given how many they could have caught during these years, maybe it is not so much unlikely"

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Morty frowns.

"Naoko? No. She wouldn't. She has no reason to go for the wolves... Why would necromancers... why would we have any interest in wolves... or attacking Lyra for that matter. I don't..."

"... They all want the same thing. Power. Sabrina wants the old gods and their power to reap god himself...  and the necromancers.... the Brotherhood.... they want their leader back to bring in a new world. After all, they're all a part of him."

"But why attack Lyra? We don't just walk around killing people because we can."

Silver cracks a grin. "You can't trust anyone."

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