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New World Order: The Rift [ARC 2]

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"Like my friend here said, you ain't any better, actually I have reason to believe that you're even worse" she replies.

"Because you're not being threatened to work for a mass murderer, but are doing so willingly, besides I highly doubt you would have sttod so much for your so called wolves if you would have been the one being in danger" she says.

"Besides you talk about removing a tyrant from power when you're working with an even bigger one, talk about coherence"

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"And what gives you the right to murder countless of other innocents for your own gain instead? If he doesn't have the right then what makes you different?" she glares.

"You and your little friends are just hypocrites, we heard your scientist friend what you're planning, we know much more than you believe"

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He chuckles.

"And you think Cyrus would be any better?"

"The Red Chain. How did you get it? Where did it come from?" N says.

Saturn grins. "From a demon actually. Guzma. He was summoned and a deal was made. Sabrina wants it. Imagine, an army of vampires and werewolves that are free to be who they want to be? No moonlight curse. No sunlight fears. The world would be ours."

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