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New World Order: The Rift [ARC 2]

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You head to the main office and use the numbers on  the bullet to unlock the door. It pops open and you step inside.

N closes the door and looks around. It's a standard office room. Nothing out of the ordinary. N walks over to the table and opens the drawer. He pulls out a journal and lays it on the table and starts flipping through the pages.

"... Cyrus will no longer be useful once the Red Chain is filled. Once he has fulfilled his service, he will be discarded. The wolves will have their moonlight rings and the vampires will be able to walk in the sun."

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N nods.

"Seems that way. It does sound like a powerful item... Perhaps made by a powerful witch of the past, or some divine godly item... Well, cursed item. All we know is that it's in dangerous hands."

He looks back down and continues to read.

"The Brotherhood want this Red Chain for themselves, but we will not give it to them to fuel their ambition."

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He frowns.

”There has got to be more to it.”

He flips through the pages, scanning for information.

”… He tried to stop me from loving Jupiter. The rules applied to everyone but himself. He wanted to stop witches from using magic so he had the entire building warded against magic out of a paranoid fear.

I think he’s ashamed of what he is. That’s why he agreed to the Red Chain so he could continue living a normal life, but the world is going to know. Why should we be treated as slaves?

Cyrus made a deal with Giovanni. Not that he had a choice because of blackmail, but he still agreed to sell wolves out.”

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"Well what else he could have done? I would like to see Saturn in such a situation, if he would have refused to work with Giovanni to save his ass" she says.

"From what little I know from other him, I'm pretty sure he'd be just as a coward, he did make a deal with Sabrina for the same reason in the other world, Saturn is talking like and hypocrite here"

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"To be able to live in the city in exchange for rings from Sabrina, which is similar to what Cyrus did to Giovanni" she says.

"It still is selling someone else out for their own gain, and I doubt he's any different here, if he would have been the one threatened from Giovanni and his hunters he would have done the same thing, I have no doubts he would have sold out his similars to save himself"

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"Put yourself in his situation though, he has an empire and he has a family to protect, who else wouldn't have done the same? I'm convinced that Saturn is a hypocrite, also he's willingly working with Sabrina, he's not being threatened" she says.

"People would sell anything to protect their family, only people that have nothing to lose would be blaming him. I know Giovanni is a ruthless murderer, his hunters almost killed Lance, would you truly blame Cyrus for trying to protect what's dear to him when for the coward he is Saturn would have done the same thing? Since the Saturn of my world already made deals with Sabrina?"

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N shrugs.

"I'm not saying I disagree - it just makes everything a little more complex. Guess that makes it even more important to stop Saturn today before this invasion begins. I'm certain Cyrus doesn't even know they're planning to attack. That's a few days away - a Friday."

He puts the journa back where he found it.

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