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New World Order: The Rift [ARC 2]

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"He destroyed my university, so many innocent people died that day, I was left buried under too, Sabrina found me and left me to bleed out, if it wasn't for Steven I wouldn't be here now" she says.

"I had friends there, not to mention he took Lyra captive, and made creepy experiments on her and her baby, she was, is, pregnant with Lance's baby, and she already lost one and her life... we went to free Lyra and I killed Charon the same way he killed all those innocent people, he blew up just like the people he killed" she explains.

"His name makes my blood boil, it reminds me of that day..."

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N's eyebrows raise.

"....That is a lot to take in. Let us hope the same events do not occur here."

You creep closer, just close enough to hear parts of conversation.

"...The Red Chain is closer to being ready," Charon says. 

"...What happens after that? What about Cyrus?" Mars says.

"He dies of course. He will no longer be needed. Wolfsbane bombs."

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N nods.

"Right. But I think we should wait until the sun goes down. Easier for us and we'll be better protected."

They continue to talk.

"You're going to blow up the city?"

Charon nods. "Yes. Colress has made the necessary preparations and Cyrus is clueless as usual. Poor fool. Intelligent, but also highly gullible. Anything to avoid the moonlight curse, yes? Now he'll have his wish - permanently."

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"Dawn is just a child. Barely a teenager."

Charon shrugs. 'And she's still part of his bloodline. We take them down, and we take over the company. Take all the wealth."

Jupiter nods. "Yeah. It's a good plan. For far too long we had to work under him, slaving away for minimum wage. Saturn was fired for his love for me," she says with a glare. "

Mars shakes her head. "You knew what the rules were - no sharing a bed with another grunt."


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"I don't think we need more proof that those two are in for a petty squabble, maybe including Saturn it makes three" she says.

"Which having such stupid reasons only makes everything worse, imagine if it was a serious reason behind this? What kind of lenghts would they be willing to go to get rid of one man? As if this isn't bad enough"

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