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New World Order: The Rift [ARC 2]

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Samuel nods.

"I would not tell anyone else about this. They won't understand. Just keep it between you and I."

He puts his notebook away then looks at you again.

"The world is the same as the one you have come from. In fact, your other self is probably in a coma and won't wake up until you return home. But if you were brought here it must've been for a purpose. God works in mysterious ways after all. Perhaps there is something here Arceus wants you to find."

There's a pause then,

"I mean, this is fantastic! A living survivor of time dimension travel! Why, I certainly have to learn more from you. You have kept your memories and entered the body of your other self.... Who had been struck down. Fascinating really. These people here will wear the same faces as the ones in your reality, but they are not the same people."

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"I noticed, in my world, my sister has been far away from me for a long time, and my grandmother is the one supposed to be in a coma, she got cursed by another powerful witch" she frowns.

"Perhaps it is why Arceus brought me here, maybe there some answer on how I could save my own world" she thinks.

"Though I am not sure what is happening in this one, or how to keep a secret as big as this one"

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'They should be all right. Time passes differently in different dimensions. What seems like a day here might only be a few hours over there. It's all very strange."

He leads you to the door.

"It was an absolute pleasure to meet you, Cynthia, from a different reality! But remember what I said. You must be careful in this world. If you die here, you may possibly never wake up in your other reality."

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