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New World Order: The Rift [ARC 2]

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"Well I suppose its good she doesn't wish to kill us, well me, she seems interested in me being not the typical angel, and also we share an interest in Morty" she says.

"I heard from two guys that apparently Cyrus might have been involved in our wolves disappearing, so I went to investigate and I found his wife talking to a man, Rowan, and I heard some interesting things. First thing is that Giovanni has threatened Cyrus so that's why he has to work with him, anyways I found that the two witches that work for Saturn can manipulate poison, but Naoko says that we shouldn't die from it, also Johanna says that Saturn might have something that can help in getting to Grimsley" she explains.

"According to Naoko there will be a special guest at the ball Grimsley is making, and a special show that I assume it'll be a wolf fight, knowing the vampire, Saturn may know who that guest is"

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"Because Giovanni is a wolf hunter and Cyrus is a wolf? Imagine what could happen if people would find out what he is?" she asks.

"Also I heard those two talking about something clled the red chain, and how its being charged from forcing Cyrus to turn, also how that thing is being used for the moolight rings. The two scientists that work for him are using his energy to charge this thing to open a crypt on Mount Coronet where nothing good can come from it, also one of the scientists in my world is the one that destroyed my university and killed a lot of innocents"

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"I don't know, I never met you before" she says.

"Not in person, I had visions and you would talk to me in my dreams whenever I slept at the beginning of everything, but now that its been some time I wonder if it was you or just someone else sending me someone that looked in your image. You did have me unlock that crypt and free Ghetsis, so I wonder if it was you or him"

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