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New World Order: The Rift [ARC 2]

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"I know at the ball there will be Grimsley, and I know he loves to host wolf fights, also it will be a full moon night, and, I will be there" she says.

"If truly the wolves will be there too then I just have to wait until then. I have a pass for the ball so should be easy to get in, I'll have a vampire companion with me too and other two people"

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"Wolfsbane is lethal to wolvevs depending on where they get injected. Through the heart? Fatal. Through the arm? They'll live, but it won't be easy. Of course, there are many other types of poisons...."

She looks at you.

"Necromancers.... We are immune to their trickery because of how we heal. We can cleanse ourselves of their foul magic. Vampires are also immune because they're dead and poison can't infect something that is well, dead." 

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Naoko takes the small pocket knife back.

"I hope you enjoyed your little taste of purity, but it's killing you slowly," Naoko points out. "Arceus wanted you dead. That is how you become free. Now  you need to drink."

"...Why would he want that?"

"Because our kind will never be accepted. The taint is strong." She cuts into her wrist then holds it before him. "You were never truly purified. Just dormant. Arceus can't take another god's powers away."

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Naoko nods.

"Right. We were seen as the children of Yveltval. But death is not evil. It's a natural part of life, is it not?"

Morty groans. "...Isn't there another way?"

"If you die without reactivating that part of you, you die permanently. I can't bring you back. You're lucky I've lived long enough to see and hear things otherwise you'd be in a mode of such insanity, you'd be lost to us."

She presses her wrist against his mouth to force him.

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