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New World Order: The Rift [ARC 2]

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"Maybe he needed that lesson, he needs to be reminded on how things are, if he's not going to side with us and hate us then we have nothing more to share with him, at least, I don't" she says.

"I am not going to let one person ruin what I worked hard to achieve, as for you only you can decide"

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"I decided I'm done playing games, you're with me or you're not, no half measures, who sides with me needs to be respectful of our allies, whatever they are, and if he's not then there's nothing I want from him" she says.

"That's what I thought, is there any way to know where though?"

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Caitlin nods.

"They normally do, don't they? Rich CEOS banding together. Not sure how the vampires fit into it all, but I suppose Grimsley gets something out of it too. What I don't get is why Galactic would not stand up for werewolves."

Marshall scowls. "They're not true wolves. They have no loyalty."

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