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New World Order: The Rift [ARC 2]

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She nods.

"There are methods to kill vampires effectively with magic... I've been trying to convince a certain witch to do it, but he won't, the coward. He could even enhance weapons... But he won't. Clinging onto that idea of a normal life. Yeah right."

She rolls her eyes.

N frowns. "Casting magic within the city is too dangerous."

"I know. I'm just saying things would be a lot easier if he wasn't such a wuss. But nooooo, he'd rather be holed up with that dumb girl, Whitney."


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She seems surprised.

"Oh. You know him? He helped me learn a few things when we were running from vampires. Then we came here, and he wanted a normal life so he abandoned me."

She makes an annoyed face.

"But he's also one of the finest witches in the area. A specialist with the darker side of things. Hell, he works at a graveyard of all places. I tried to convince him to live here with me, but nope. He insists on being normal. But there is no normal for people like us. Especially not in this world of vampires."

She then sighs.

"So. You're going vampire hunting? I'd come with you, but someone has to watch over this place."

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Jade raises her eyebrows.

'There are different types of witches? I mean, I never really knew... We never had a chance to perform magic..."

Phoebe nods. "Yes. There are quite a few of us around, and none of the different factions like each other very much. You have the necromancers under the leadership of the regent, Naoko. The psychics under the leadership of the twins. Then there's Wallace and the siphoners, and he's so weird."

"So there aren't any wolves around?" Lance says.

She shrugs. "There are a few. I caught one the other day peeing on a fire hydrant out the back actually. Saturn. Odd name."

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Jade frowns.

"Wow. I feel like there's a whole brand new world out there that I didn't even know about. But isn't necromancy evil?"

Phoebe shakes her head. "That's what the media would have you believe. But the magic itself is not evil - the people who perform it can be evil though. Morty is not one of those people. He's just a pain in the arse."

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