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Where should tv shows/movies based on books go?

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A lot of the popular tv shows (like Game of Thrones etc) started off as books first, but I have them under TV/Film since that's adaptation is more likely to be one people are familiar with.

Do you think tv shows based on books should be in the Movies/TV area or should they be listed under Literature?

Reply to this thread with your reasoning.

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My gut reaction when I read the post was to say literature with a link to the movie tv show. Books over movies/tv any day.    My thoughts  normally the TV/ Movie isn't really the same, its an adaptation of the book. Characters are changed. Think the Witcher.  Chunks of story are missing ... think the Doby and SPEW.  Motivations of characters are different example The Mist of Avalon. Or there are multiple books in a series that you miss if you just know about the one from the series example Eragon.

But then I thought that most people probably wouldn't know that there were books that the movie/tv show was based on if they were just listed in the literature section.  So as much as it pains me to say this -  in the tv/movie with a cavate in the subject  based on "book' by "author" 

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